Free Compost and Manure in Shropshire


Free compost and horse manure from Llansilin, near Oswestry, Shropshire

Rotted horse manure compost. Pic taken 28th November, 2016.

We have compost from 100% clean horse and pig manure. Free to anyone who wants to collect it.

UPDATE 14 May 2018

All our well rotted compost has been taken. You are very welcome to come and take fresh manure to compost yourself or check back here in a few months when it has rotted down.

We give away free compost and manure to compost yourself. You collect as little or as much as you’d like from Llansilin, near Oswestry in Shropshire. Located about 5 miles west of Oswestry, we are easily reached by road all the way into our yard.

Free compost and manure in Shropshire.Free Compost

You collect.


Our free compostFree compost and manure is available immediately. YOU COLLECT. Perfect for your garden or vegtable plot, our compost is almost entirely pure horse droppings with the occasional bucket of kitchen vegetable waste.  Although, we usually throw that on our own vegetable garden compost heap. The horses are on a grass pasture that is weed-free and not treated with herbicide. Early on (May/June 2015) we used wood shavings and then switched to chopped straw bedding. Later, we installed rubber mats and no longer use bedding of any kind. I know exactly where in the manure heap the shavings were placed (back left corner, first composter). Also, the shavings have been buried for over six months.

Free Compost and Manure Collection

Please email or call (01691) 791 624 to arrange a pick-up date and time. You are very welcome to come and inspect the compost heaps and pasture first. For collection, you’ll need sturdy bags at the very least, and maybe a pick-up and/or trailer. We can provide a shovel. You can take as much as you like until it’s all gone (which isn’t going to happen any time soon as our manure factories — the horses — produce every day without fail). Beautiful, lovely, organic compost and manure free for the taking!

Free compost

If you’d like compost, just come and help yourself. We have 2 composters that have been rotting ofr over a year. You may need to throw the top layer off as it’s a bit younger.

Free Manure

If you’d like manure, you can take from the top of the pile. Come any time and take it.

Green Tourism

We would love to see this compost and manure go to good homes and get used. We thought of packing it up and selling it but that’s not our business. Guests in our yurts love that we are trying to be green (we recycle everything that we can) and several have commented on our lovely composters.

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