Scavenger Hunt on Foot in the Shropshire and Powys Countryside

Following a request from a hen group we created a scavenger hunt Scavenger hunt at Barnutopiathat takes guests on a lovely countryside walk around Barnutopia and Llansilin village. Groups split into three teams and the first clue along with a coloured glass gem is handed to to each team.

The scavenger hunt takes one to two hours depending on how competitive teams are. There are challenges along the way that result in great videos and pics to remember the occasion.

It takes a bit of set up and we charge £50 for up to 10 guests then £5 per guest capped at £100 for up to 30 guests.

Scavenger Hunt Rules

  1. Follow and collect only the 10 clues and gems of your team colour. The first is handed to you.
  2. Each team may have different clues or the same clues in a different order, so following each other won’t work.
  3. Each clue gives a hint as to the location of the next clue.
  4. Clues are located on, around and within the area shown on the maps. Some of the pics on the map are red herrings.
  5. Clues may be near to, attached, under, inside or behind natural or man-made objects at the clue location. Look for a hiding place and you’ll find the clue.
  6. You may see coloured gems scattered near to the hiding places. This means you’re getting close. Collect the gems coloured for your team.
  7. You may need to walk across fields on public footpaths or go into public areas but you are not required to go on private property.
  8. Collect the baggie containing the next clue.
  9. Teams get points for:
    1. Each gem collected
    2. Bonus activities listed on the clues
    3. Being first back
  10. The winner is the team with the most points.

Feedback has been very positive and groups have loved the scavenger hunt and exploring the countryside around Barnutopia.

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