Single Parent Special Packages 2018/2019

Book yourself in for a fun few days where families with children are welcome and well looked after in our gorgeous luxury yurts, cabins, stable or bunkhouse.

Events listed as Single Parent Takeovers are for single parents only. Occasionally, we make an exception for a partner or amicable co-parent. Other events are open to families of all kinds but often have several units booked by single parents and children. Single parents traveling alone with their children get money off the cost of the booking.

What Makes Barnutopia Special?

Apart from the fact that you are very well looked after, with delicious food served morning and evening, parents and children love our farmyard, animals and relaxed approach. Children run free and enjoy themselves without an electronic device in sight. Although, there is free Wi-Fi when you want it. We’re had more than a few tears on departure day and and even had children tell their mums and dads that they want to stay forever. See family glamping image gallery.

Booking Details for Single Parent Break & Family Glamping

We schedule regular breaks including part board (breakfasts & suppers), activities and games. We’ll make sure you have a great breakfast and a good supper, and you’ll have access to the camp kitchens to store and prepare lunches and snacks. We are happy to provide squash, tea, coffee, milk, and sugar in the camp kitchen.  If you are interested in arranging a group-stay on different dates, please get in touch.

Please complete the BOOKING ENQUIRY FORM and mention Single Parent Takeover.

Current Packages

Feel free to Book Online now or Submit an Enquiry for further details. Let us know you’re interested and stay up to date on Facebook by clicking the dates, below.

Previous Single Parent and Family Glamping Events

  • 20-23 Aug 2018 (3 nights, Mon-Thu)
  • 5-10 Aug 2018 (5 nights, Sun-Fri)
  • 29 Jul-2 Aug 2018 (4 nights, Sun-Thu)
  • 2-5 Apr 2018 (3 nights, Mon-Thu)
  • 3 Nov-5 Nov 2017 (2 nights, Fri-Sun, Bonfire weekend)
  • 31 Oct-3 Nov 2017 (3 nights, Tue-Fri, Halloween Special)
  • 21-24 Aug, 2017 (3 nights, Mon-Thu)
  • 13-18 Aug, 2017 (5 nights, Sun-Fri)
  • 6-11 Aug, 2017 (5 nights, Sun-Fri)
  • 1-4 Aug, 2017 (3 nights, Tue-Fri)
  • 10-13 Apr, 2017 (3 nights, Mon-Thu)
  • 22-29 Dec, 2016 (2, 3, 4 or 5 nights, Fri-Fri Christmas Special)
  • 24-27 Oct, 2016 (3 nights, Mon-Thu)
  • 21-26 Aug, 2016 (5 nights, Sun-Fri) See pics here!
  • 1-4 Aug, 2016 (3 nights, Mon-Thu)
  • 25-28 Jul, 2016 (3 nights, Mon-Thu)

Single Parent Pricing

You DO NOT have to share a unit. Parents are welcome to book a unit to themselves and their children. That said, it will work out cheaper per head if you find someone to share with. Often, the whole site is turned over to single parents during these breaks. However, units may be booked by families of any kind. The longer breaks have more scheduled activities, of course.  Single parents get money off all packages as there is only one adult attending.

Single Parent Glamping Prices On Standard Packages

Prices vary depending on family size and unit chosen. Please send an enquiry or go through the online booking process. You will need to click all the way through to see any discount and the single parent credit (with no obligation to book).

Typical Schedule

This is a typical schedule for a 4-night midweek event and you can expect a similar timetable for future packages. We are flexible and can modify as needed. For example, younger children need different activities to older children. Activities are optional and we think of variations so that guests who have been before having something new to look forward to. Usually, we have arts and crafts materials and outdoor games available at all times taking into account the ages of children. We have to monitor and control the arts and crafts materials or they get trashed by younger kids. 

Day of Arrival (Day 0)

  • Arrive from 4 pm
  • Tour of farm & meet the animals
  • Settle in
  • Pizza supper
  • Campfire & toasted marshmallows
  • Quiz suitable for adults & children

Day 1

  • Breakfast buffet from 8.30 am (or as agreed)
  • Activity e.g. scavenger hunt/nature walk
  • Free time from 12 noon (check out our list of Things To Do in the area).
  • Outdoor grill supper
  • Activity e.g. music and dance
  • Campfire

Day 2

  • Breakfast buffet from 8.30 am
  • Group excursion. For example, a horse-drawn boat trip, a narrowboat trip over the highest man-made waterway in the world, a day-trip with picnic to the beach or a  heritage railway ride.
  • Free time after excursion
  • Sit-down dinner for parents and children
  • Campfire/activity

Day 3

  • Breakfast buffet from 8.30 am
  • Activity e.g. Barnutopia olympics or arts & crafts
  • Free time after excursion
  • Sit-down dinner for parents and children
  • Campfire/activity

Day of Departure (Day 4)

  • Breakfast buffet from 8 am
  • Pack up and depart by 12 noon.

Shared Facilities for Glampers and Campers

Excellent shared facilities including a well equipped camp kitchen, breakfast room, dining room, TV lounge, play barn, a bathrom block with ladies, gents, wheelchair accessible and showers.

Our Glamping Units

You may request a particular unit or to be in a unit with another family and we will do our best to accommodate. However, we appreciate your flexibility. Large families get the larger units even if they don’t fill all the beds. It just makes more sense to do that.

  • Up to 3 in tiny house TAMISE on a double bed and single (overhead) bunk. From Mar/Apr 2019.
  • Up to 4 in yurt CARIANNE on a double sofa bed and bunk
  • Up to 4 in yurt NANNY IRIS on a triple bunk (single over double) and a single bed
  • Up to 4 in stable STEPHANIE on a king-size bed and a double sofa bed
  • Up to 4 in cabin CONNIE on a triple bunk (single over double) and single bed
  • Up to 6 in yurt BRONWYN on a king-size bed, double sofa bed and bunk
  • Up to 7 in ranch house RAY on a double bed, double sofa bed, single sofa bed and bunk
  • Up to 8 in yurt AXANA on a king-size bed and 2 triple bunks (singles over doubles)
  • Up to 10 in bunkhouse BETHAN on 2 bed platforms (4 over 6 single mattresses)

Camping Option

Availability for a few tent campers or camper vans at lower cost. Breakfast, suppers and activities included along with use of all shared facilities.

[LAST UPDATED: 31 August, 2018]

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