Single Parent Glamping Holidays and Packages

You can enjoy a self-catering single parent glamping Single parent glampingholiday any time or book onto one of our regular single parent glamping packages (dates below).

Single parents only may use the code SPS10 to get an additional 10% off accommodation on any booking.

Single Parent Glamping Packages

Our regular “Single Parent Takeovers” include accommodation, breakfasts, suppers, campfires and freedom in the gorgeous Shropshire countryside. All units are fully furnished with beds made up, power, lighting, heating and free WiFi. It’s lovely just to stay on the farm and let the kids run free while you relax, but there are plenty of things to do and places to go on the local area, too. Plus, we  have some ad hoc activities and games on site, too.

Current Packages

Feel free to Book Online now or Submit an Enquiry for further details. Let us know you’re interested and stay up to date on Facebook by clicking the dates, below.

Note that Bonfire Weekend, Christmas and New Year glamping packages are not exclusively for single parents; although, sometimes they get fully booked by single parents.

Previous Single Parent Glamping Packages (and packages open to all)

  • 30 Dec-1 Jan 2018/2019 (2 nights, Sun-Tue, New Year Special). Open to all.
  • 24-27 Dec 2018 (3 nights, Mon-Thu, Christmas Special). Single parents only
  • 2-4 Nov 2018 (2 nights, Fri-Sun, Bonfire Weekend). Open to all.
  • 20-23 Aug 2018 (3 nights, Mon-Thu). Single parents only
  • 5-10 Aug 2018 (5 nights, Sun-Fri). Single parents only
  • 29 Jul-2 Aug 2018 (4 nights, Sun-Thu). Single parents only
  • 2-5 Apr 2018 (3 nights, Mon-Thu). Single parents only
  • 3 Nov-5 Nov 2017 (2 nights, Fri-Sun, Bonfire weekend). Open to all.
  • 31 Oct-3 Nov 2017 (3 nights, Tue-Fri, Halloween Special). Open to all.
  • 21-24 Aug, 2017 (3 nights, Mon-Thu). Single parents only
  • 13-18 Aug, 2017 (5 nights, Sun-Fri). Single parents only
  • 6-11 Aug, 2017 (5 nights, Sun-Fri). Single parents only
  • 1-4 Aug, 2017 (3 nights, Tue-Fri). Single parents only
  • 10-13 Apr, 2017 (3 nights, Mon-Thu). Single parents only
  • 22-29 Dec, 2016 (2, 3, 4 or 5 nights, Fri-Fri Christmas Special)
  • 24-27 Oct, 2016 (3 nights, Mon-Thu). Single parents only
  • 21-26 Aug, 2016 (5 nights, Sun-Fri). Single parents only. See pics here!
  • 1-4 Aug, 2016 (3 nights, Mon-Thu). Single parents only
  • 25-28 Jul, 2016 (3 nights, Mon-Thu). Single parents only

What Makes Barnutopia Special?

Apart from the fact that you are very well looked after, with delicious food served morning and evening, parents and children love our farmyard, animals and relaxed approach. Children run free and enjoy themselves without an electronic device in sight. Although, there is free Wi-Fi when you want it. We’re had more than a few tears on departure day and and even had children tell their mums and dads that they want to stay forever. See family glamping image gallery.

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