Barnutopia Breakfast

Our standard Barnutopia breakfast consists of: Pancakes and toppings (contains gluten, milk, eggs) Sausages Bacon Scrambled eggs Baked beans Toast (contains gluten) Freshly brewed tea and coffee Orange juice Our original recipe homemade pancakes are made with white and wholemeal flour, porridge oats, ground linseed, eggs and milk and have … Read more

14 Food Allergens

There are 14 major allergens, which must be identified when they are used as ingredients in food. Allergen Policy We indicate the presence of allergens in bold in our recipes. Please ASK if you are concerned about the possible presence of allergens or if you would like us to prepare an … Read more

Gluten Free and Carb Free Flat-Bread Patties

This evening I made some gluten free, carbohydrate free “bread”. It’s not quite bread, of course, but it is a surprisingly good substitute and did well for a bacon sandwich. I have stored some in the fridge to eat later and I suspect they will do just fine for soaking … Read more

Pancakes Barnutopia Original Recipe

Our pancake breakfast is a very popular choice from our dining menu with children and adults alike. Honed over many years living in several different countries, our pancakes are sugar-free and contain ground linseed and oatmeal. They are delicious with sweet or savoury toppings. Ingredients for Pancake Breakfast Makes 15 to 20 … Read more