Tanycoed Rooms Hire for Smaller Friends and Family Gatherings

From June 2017 the farmhouse reception rooms Barnutopia farmhouse dining room(entrance room, dining room, bathroom, lawn area and optional gazebo with or without sides) will be available for smaller groups of between 10 and 20 guests. Suitable for more intimate gatherings of friends and family, the farmhouse has a different feel to the party barn, of course. You are welcome to play music and party late; although, we may ask you to turn the volume down from 10 pm. You can bring your own alcohol or we can set up a licensed bar for you.

You may book Tanycoed rooms for any number of days/evenings during your stay, but we may need them to be clean and tidy for serving breakfasts in the mornings. Breakfast is usually finished and cleared up by 10.30 am.

Gazebo (with or without sides) outside the guest entrance at Tanycoed Rooms

Gazebo with sides.

Entrance room

Entrance room leading to dining room.

Dining room

Bathroom off entrance room.

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