DIY Venue Hire Includes Event Barn, Party Barn, Dutch Barn, Luxury Glamping Accommodation, Campsite and More

Please submit an enquiry with details of your Venue hire includes a choice of spaces for your wedding ceremonyevent for an accurate quotation. Our prices include VAT. We are licensed for marriage ceremonies.

Venue Hire Package for Groups

  • Up to 30 guests
  • 30-60 guests (max residential capacity)
  • 60-90 guests
  • 90-120 guests (max event capacity)

Exclusive use of the entire venue is for 2 nights (extra nights by arrangement) and includes the whole site (all glamping accommodation units, campsite, large event barn, Dutch barn, smaller party barn, camp kitchens, banqueting tables and chairs, table cloths and chair covers, no corkage fee, bathroom block plus a  private bathroom (weddings only). All 3 barns are licensed for marriage ceremonies. See also:

Venue Hire Package Prices

Guest headcount includes residential and drop-in guests. See below for full details of what’s included. Weekend is 2 nights Thu-Sat, Fri-Sun or Sat-Mon. Midweek is 2 nights Sun-Tue, Mon-Wed, Tue-Thu or or Wed-Fri.

Total Headcount 30 guests * 30 guests 30-60 guests 60-90 guests 90-120 guests
Number of residential guests possible All All All 45-60 see guide 30-45 see guide
2018 Weekend £2,250 £2,650 £3,250 £3,850 £4,350
Midweek £1,450 £1,750 £2,250 £2,750 £3,150
Extra Night £550 £550 £650 £650 £650
2019 Weekend £2,450 £2,850 £3,450 £4,050 £4,550
Midweek £1,650 £1,950 £2,450 £2,950 £3,350
Extra Night £600 £600 £700 £700 £700
2020 Weekend £2,650 £3,050 £3,650 £4,250 £4,750
Midweek £1,850 £2,150 £2,650 £3,150 £3,550
Extra Night £650 £650 £750 £750 £750
2021 Weekend £2,850 £3,250 £3,850 £4,450 £4,950
Midweek £2,050 £2,350 £2,850 £3,350 £3,750
Extra Night £700 £700 £800 £800 £800

* This option EXCLUDES the large event barn, banqueting tables & cloths and chairs & covers. It is a good option for hen weekends and smaller family & friends gatherings.

Residential Capacity Guide

Barnutopia is in a stunning countryside location and we have to consider the traffic we create and the amount of water used on our private water supply. With that in mind, following is a guide to the number of guests who may stay (glamping or camping) with the total headcount in mind.

Total headcount Residential (Glamping / Camping) Guests Possible Additional Drop-in (Day and/or Evening) Guests Possible
120 30 90
110 35 75
100 40 60
90 45 45
80 50 30
70 55 15
60 60 0

The calendar shows weekend availability only. Leave as Adults 2 to check availability on your weekend. Please submit a venue hire enquiry if you would like to check midweek availability or add an extra midweek night.Prices shown include VAT. Payment by instalment: 25% to confirm, 25% by 6 months before date, 25% by 3 months before date, 25% by 1 month before date. Refund subject to 20% charge. Non-refundable within 30 days of date.

You might like to peruse our article 33 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Rural Wedding Venue.

Exclusive Use Entire Venue Hire Package Includes

  • 8 glamping units (sleeping 35-40 guests approx.) with real beds, power, light, heating, wifi
  • Campsite for 4 or 5 large tents or more smaller tents (15-20 camping guests approx)
  • Max 60 residential glamping/camping guests depending on total head count on event day
  • Large event barn, Dutch Barn (open-fronted), party barn, tables & chairs
  • Banqueting tables/cloths, chairs/covers and help positioning tables
  • Cookhouse (fully equipped kitchen), small second kitchen and bathroom block
  • Sturdy picnic tables, fire pits and outdoor furniture (including hay bales)
  • Bring your own alcohol (no corkage) or licensed bar by arrangement
  • Small music system for use with playlist on phone, for example
  • Tanycoed Rooms with private bathroom for bride (or groom) and entourage (weddings only)
  • Parking for around 30 vehicles on hard standing and overflow on campsite field

Not included with Venue Hire Package (unless by arrangement)

  • Shropshire registrar fee (you must book the registrar)
  • Venue and table dressing.You may dress the venue as you wish subject to reasonable safety rules.
  • Drinking glasses for large groups (may be hired from Morrisons for free as at 1 Oct 2017)
  • Disco, live band or entertainment (space and power available)
  • Catering. You may self-cater, use mobile caterers or enquire about Barnutopia catering

Optional Add-Ons

  • Third night midweek (Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu) before or after for residential guests (see pricing above)
  • Event set-up, server/bar staff. Available at £17.50 per person per hour, min 4 hours per person
  • Vintage china and cutlery available for hire at £2.50 per head (included with our afternoon tea)

Vendors & Suppliers

We have added a list of vendors and suppliers for your convenience. Inclusion does not mean endorsement. Please let us know if you have any recommendations.

Pictures and Images

We take lots of pictures of the site, events and guests. We may use these images for marketing and promotion purposes. Of course, we won’t post on social media until you have posted your own images (or when you tell us it’s okay to do so). We’re also happy to share our images with you; however, we are not professional photographers and we cannot guarantee the quality or pics of a particular moment. We strongly recommend that you hire a professional photographer if a picture record of your event is very important.

Professional Photographers

We would appreciate permission (from you and your photographer) to use at least a few images for the purpose of information and promotion. For example, on our website and social media. We will of course attribute the image correctly to the photographer.

Noise Policy

Our alcohol and entertainment licence is until 11 pm Sunday to Thursday and until 1 am on Friday and Saturday nights. However, we are half a mile from our nearest neighbours and providing you are willing to turn down the volume, you can continue throughout the night. That said, even before the cut-off times, if you have especially loud and thumping music we WILL ask you to turn it down. Local people in the village of Llansilin are very encouraging and pleased with the success of Barnutopia and our aim is to keep it that way. It is possible to have party music at an acceptable volume that does not disturb neighbours across the valley.

Confetti & Decorations

Water soluble confetti may be used outside only. Confetti marked as biodegradable may not be water soluble so please check carefully. A clean-up fee will be levied if ordinary paper or tissue confetti is used. We tested rose petal confetti and it does not blow away or disintegrate fast enough. It cannot be raked up and is too small to be picked up by our lawn mower. The water soluble confetti intended for confetti cannons makes too much mess and does not disintegrate fast enough. This snowfall confetti found on Amazon works well and seems to disappear quickly.

You may decorate the barn being mindful of fire and safety. Candles and naked flames are NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances. You may use the fake LED candles with flickering lights. These are very effective and look like the real thing in pics. We are happy to make exceptions for in-door caterers BY ARRANGEMENT. See here for dimensions and floor-plans of the wedding bans.


You are welcome to self-cater or use your own caterer for your wedding breakfast or other catering. If your caterers offer a drinks package feel free to take advantage of it as part of a catering package for your sit-down wedding breakfast. Your caterer is responsible for removing all waste and bottles generated during their service. We can provide a casual buffet and/or meal cooked outdoors on our griddle if that suits your event.  Our afternoon teas are served on our collection of vintage china. We are very open to special requests and variations. Pricing does not include alcohol.

The Three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

It is inevitable that events generate waste from packaging and catering disposables. When practical, please use glassware, china and cutlery that can be washed up. When this isn’t possible, please use paper, card and other sustainable natural products that can be either composted or burned. That way we do not contribute to plastic in landfills and oceans. Thank you.


We can provide breakfast for your residential guests by arrangement. We advise either a breakfast sandwich (£5.50 each) or all-you-can-eat pancakes (see below) on the morning of a wedding and our Barnutopia breakfast £7.50 each) on the morning after (with mushrooms and tomatoes instead of pancakes if you took advantage of the pancake bar during your event.

NEW for summer 2018 Outdoor Pancake baroutdoor pancake bar

All-you-can-eat Barnutopia original recipe homemade pancakes with a selection of syrups, lemon and sugar. Filling and delicious. Excellent as a quick and easy breakfast or a snack between meals.

  • £4.50 per head for first 40 guests
  • £3.50 per head next 40 guests (bringing total up to 80)
  • £2.50 per head next 40 guests (bringing total up to 120)

Afternoon TeaAfternoon tea wedding breakfast not included with venue hire

  • £14.50 per head for first 40 guests
  • £13.50 per head next 40 guests (bringing total up to 80)
  • £12.50 per head next 40 guests (bringing total up to 120)
  • £9.50 per head children 13 years and younger
  • £000 per head children 3 years and younger
  • Served on our vintage china
  • Selection of sandwiches (cheese, egg mayo, tuna mayo, roast beef, chicken, half white bread and half brown bread)
  • Crisps
  • Pork pies
  • Sausage rolls
  • Selection of sponge cakes (e.g. Victoria, Chocolate, lemon drizzle, coffee)
  • Scones
  • Welsh cakes
  • Butter, strawberry jam, clotted cream
  • Pots of tea and coffee (with free refills) served from a tea and coffee station
  • We’re also happy to put your Prosecco or other drinks on the tables. We have large serving jugs if you would like to serve Pimms that you make up.

Main Course and Dessert

  • £14.50 per head for first 40 guests
  • £13.50 per head next 40 guests (bringing total up to 80)
  • £12.50 per head next 40 guests (bringing total up to 120)
  • £9.50 per head children 14 years and younger
  • £000 per head children 3 years and younger
  • Served on china plates or disposable plates and cutlery as appropriate
  • For example, full bbq
    • Beef burgers, chicken filets and veggie burgers
    • Pork sausages/hotdog sausages
    • Burger/hot dog buns
    • Baked jacket potatoes
    • Coleslaw
    • Baked beans
    • Cheddar cheese slices for any burger
    • Lettuce
    • Tomato
    • Condiments,
    • Dessert TBD

Main Course (No Dessert)

  • £9.00 per head for first 40 guests
  • £8.00 per head next 40 guests (bringing total up to 80)
  • £7.00 per head next 40 guests (bringing total up to 120)
  • £6.00 per head children 13 years and younger
  • £000 per head children 3 years and younger
  • Served on disposable plates and cutlery
  • For example, simple bbq
    • Beef burgers, chicken fillets, veggie burgers
    • Pork sausages
    • Burger buns/hotdog buns
    • Sliced cheddar cheese (for burgers or chicken fillets)
    • Coleslaw
    • Lettuce
    • Tomato
    • Condiments (ketchup, mustard, burger sauce)
    • Marshmallows for toasting

First Reception drink (e.g. bubbly, wine, beer with soft drink alternative)

  • No additional charge for serving your alcohol if you hire our bar staff / helpers.
  • £3.00 per glass  our alcohol (you supply glasses) served on arrival or with wedding breakfast.

Staff Hire

Katrina and/or Steve will be around to ensure you day goes smoothly. If you need additional help (waitstaff, bar staff, general helpers) we are happy to find them for you.

  • £15 per hour per staff member to help in any way (including serving your alcohol). Minimum 4 hours per person.

Licensed Bar

By arrangement. We have a licence and can run a bar but we prefer to use the services of a mobile bar company. There are several listed in our vendors and suppliers directory.

Last updated: 10th May 2018

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