Fancy a fabulous festival wedding? Here are 10 festival wedding ideas to inspire you.

1. Colour

Think festival and you think colour. There are lots of ways to incorporate colour but the way to make the biggest difference is with your table linen. Dare to stray away from white and the visual impact is phenomenal.

Rainbow venue decor at quirky wedding

2. Hay bales

But not just hay bales. Add throws and blankets for comfort but also to build on the colourful festival wedding ideas theme.

Festival wedding ideas - hay bales

3. Wellies

Wellington boots are another must-have for a festival wedding. However, you don’t have to wear them.

Festival wedding ideas - wellies

4. Bunting

Bunting comes in all shapes and sizes. This rag bunting is perfect for a festival wedding.

Rag bunting - festival wedding ideas

5. Flower Crown

No list of festival wedding ideas would be complete without a flower crown. A beautiful flower crown makes a statement and is a stunning addition to bridal attire.

Flower crown

6. A Celebrant

At a festival wedding you can have anyone you like conduct the ceremony. Complete the legalities before or afterwards.

Wedding conducted by celebrant

7. Yurts

Nothing says festival wedding quite like yurts. At Barnutopia, our glamping accommodation includes 4 yurts, 3 cabins, a stable and a bunkhouse.


8. Ribbons

Ribbons are an easy addition to give a whimsical festival feel. Hang them on the wedding arch or in a doorway where they will graze your guests as they walk through.

Ribbons for festival wedding

9. Wristbands

Add wristbands and you have an instant festival. An easy and low cost way to unite your guests in celebrating your wedding.

Festival wedding wristbands

10. Campfire

The perfect way to end a festival wedding. Sitting around an evening campfire with your nearest and dearest.

Evening campfire end to festival wedding

Festival Wedding Ideas in Action

Festival weddings celebrate music, food and culture. With good planning, they can be a fabulous celebration of your love and commitment. Barnutopia is the perfect venue for a festival wedding.

10 Fabulous Festival Wedding Ideas