1. Guests seem to think the views are fabulous.

View of Tanycoed Farm (home of Barnutopia) from the top of our pasture.

2. Which is complete nonsense.

View from the yurt field.

3. No stunning countryside here.

View from the pigsty.

4. Are they completely crazy?

Another view from the yurt field.

5. Fancy giving us 5-star reviews

Yurts against a stunning cloudscape.

6. They say our yurts are fabulous

Inside yurt Bronwyn.

7. Why would they say that?

Inside yurt Nanny Iris.

8. We really have no idea.

Inside yurt Carianne.

9. They reckon our stables are lovely.

Inside stable Stephanie.

10. And claim they love cabin Connie.


11. They say the shared facilities are excellent.

Guest dining room at Barnutopia.

12. When clearly you have to rough it.

Guest bathroom at Barnutopia.

13. And some claim to have enjoyed the home cooked food.

Home cooked food at barnutopia.

14. Even the Barnutopia original recipe pancakes.

Barnutopia original recipe homemade pancakes.

15. Our animals are pretty unimpressive.

Padron, Dutch Friesian horse and Spirit, North American mustang.

16. Why would anyone want to meet them?

Cats Oscar and Perky.

17. Nothing special about them at all.

Kunekune pigs Felix and Fiona.

19. And who on earth wants to sit around a camp fire?

Open campfires on the yurt field.

19. Watch the pathetic sunsets.

Sunset behind yurt Bronwyn.

20. Or see the boring old moonrise.


21. The hiking is just awful.

Walk up to the top of the Gyrn Moelfre.

22. Nowhere to go and nothing to see.

View from the Gyrn Moelfre.

23. The weather will ruin your holiday.

Spring daffodils at Barnutopia.

24. The sun never shines.

January sunshine.

25. No-one has any fun.

Handstand on the yurt field.

26. The countryside is overrated.

Lazing in the top pasture.

27. Nothing exciting ever happens

Hot air balloon over Barnutopia.

28. Nothing at all.

Bonfire night special.

29. And we’re really in the middle of nowhere.

Barnutopia location.

30. So, do yourself a favour and stay away.

Tanycoed Farm and the yurts.

31. You’ll only be disappointed.

Sunrise over Barnutopia.

Don’t believe us? Book a stay and find out for yourself! 🙂

31 Reasons to Stay Away from Barnutopia Luxury Glamping