Barnutopia has featured as a unique venue on Hitched, the Shropshire Star, the Daily Mail and Wales Online. Here are 33 reasons why.

1. The stunning countryside location

Barnutopia, unique venue in Shropshire
Barnutopia, a unique venue surrounded by the Shropshire & Powys hills

2. An ex-farm setup that is practical and beautiful.

The lane to Barnutopia
The lane leading down to the main gates at Barnutopia

3. Space to have as many as 120 guests

Large group wedding photo at Barnutopia unique venue
Group photo at Barnutopia, a unique venue in Shropshire

5. Or a micro celebration for up to 15 guests

Micro wedding group photo
Group photo of a micro wedding summer 2020

5. Dogs are welcome

Dogs welcome at this unique venue
This cutie took part in a ceremony at Barnutopia

6. And horses

Horse welcome at Barnutopia
A very special maid-of-honour

7. Or even tortoises

Unusual pets welcome at this unique venue
Roger the tort read for the reception

8. The Barnutopia pigs are happy to hog the limelight

Feliz, one of the Barnutopia kunekune pigs
Felix, one of the Barnutopia kunekune pigs

9. As are the dogs

Ziva having a nap at Barnutopia
Ziva, Barnutopia’s Great Dane – Husky cross

10. And the donkeys

Andi and Sassy in front of Yurt Bronwyn
Donkeys Andi & Sassy ensure Barnutopia is a unique venue

11. And this unique horse for a unique venue

SPirit, North American mustang (wild horse)
Spirit, Barnutopia’s North American mustang (wild horse)

12. And not forgetting the cats

Oscar taking a stroll
Oscar likes to take part in ceremonies

13. Several of them

Tabasco hanging around
Tabasco enjoys hanging around

14. Ceremonies can take place inside this unique venue

Ready for a medieval wedding ceremony
Medieval theme in the event barn

15. Or outside

Aisle down in the dell
Outdoor ceremony down in the dell

16. In a several different spaces

Hay bale seating on the yurt field
Ready for a ceremony on the yurt field

17. Receptions can be small

Garden room ready for a micro wedding reception
A micro reception in the Garden Room

18. Or large

Event barn ready for a reception
Ready for 100 guests in the event barn

19. You can decorate the site and barn as you wish

Dream catcher wedding favours
Dream catchers in the event barn

20. Really make it your own

Festival wedding
Flags at a festival wedding

21. Enjoy campfires and toasted marshmallows

Campfire and toasted marshmallows
Fire pits and firewood are included in your reservation

22. Then sleep in a glamping yurt

The yurt field at Barnutopia, a unique venue in Shropshire
The yurt field at Barnutopia

23. Or cabin

Tiny House Tamise and Bunkhouse Bethan
Gangway to Yurt Axana, Tiny House Tamise and Bunkhouse Bethan

24. Each unit is quirky

Yurt Nanny Iris
Yurt Nanny Iris

25. And unique

Ranch House Ray
Ranch House Ray

26. With free Wifi

Three wooden octayurts at Barnutopia, unique venue
Yurts Bronwyn, Carianne and Nanny Iris

27. Fully furnished with power, lights & heating

Inside Yurt Axana
Inside Yurt Axana

28. There are real beds

Inside Stable Stephanie
Inside Stable Stephanie

29. Made up with warm duvets

Inside Tiny House Tamise
Inside Tiny House Tamise

30. The views are amazing

View from Yurt Bronwyn
View of the Gyrn Moelfre

31. From every angle

View from Ranch House Ray
View from Ranch House Ray

32. And in all directions

Backdrop for a wedding arch
Backdrop for wedding arch

33. Perfect for a unique wedding or event

Barnutopia Glamping & Unique Venue
Barnutopia sign at the main gates

Barnutopia, a unique venue near Oswestry, Shropshire

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33 Ways Barnutopia is a Unique Venue
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