In case you’re feeling bad about staying away from Barnutopia during the government lockdown period, here are 39 reasons to make you feel better about your decision.

1. Barnutopia is in the middle of nowhere.

39 reasons: Barnutopia in the distance

2. Rural retreats don’t suit everyone.

39 reasons: View over Barnutopia

3. Country lanes can be daunting.

39 reasons: Down the lane to Barnutopia

4. And old stone farmhouses can be imposing.

39 reasons: Barnutopia at Tanycoed Farm.

5. Perhaps the view won’t be to your liking.

39 reasons: The Gyrn Moelfre from Barnutopia

6. You may feel you have to be creative.

39 reasons: Wedding arch at Barnutopia

7. Or find it a struggle to get the perfect pic.

39 reasons: Rustic wedding arch at Barnutopia

8. The view is pretty shabby, after all.

39 reasons: Barnutopia view from the back yard

9. No matter what the weather does.

39 reasons: View from the back yard in the snow

10. The ambiance leaves a lot to be desired.

39 reasons: Ranch house Ray through the clematis.

11. The flora and fauna is taking over.

39 reasons: Ranch house Ray

12. Even next to the glamping cabins.

39 reasons: Cabin Connie

13. And blocking the view of the new octayurts.

39 reasons: Yurt Carianne

14. Tiny House Tamise is quite … tiny.

39 reasons: Tiny House Tamise

15. So why would you want to stay there?

39 reasons: Inside Tiny House Tamise

16. And can you imagine sleeping in a stable?

39 reasons: Inside Stable Stephanie

17. Or a bunkhouse, even if it is Alpine inspired?

39 reasons: Inside Bunkhouse Bethan

18. This one claims to be a ranch house.

39 reasons: Inside Ranch House Ray

19. Why would anyone put a window in the ceiling?

39 reasons: Inside Yurt Axana

20. Permanent residents sometimes hog the space.

39 reasons: Felix the kunekune pig

21. Or join in the conversation unexpectedly.

39 reasons: Fiona the kunekune pig

22. The cats are in charge.

39 reasons: Snippet the ginger cat

23. Don’t be fooled by the innocent look.

39 reasons: Oscar the boss cat

24. They plot with the other animals.

39 reasons: Sassy the donkey and Snippet

25. Apart from the dogs.

39 reasons: Zebedee the Plummer terrier / Jack Russell cross

26. Who also like to block the view.

39 reasons: Ziva the Great Dane / Husky cross.

27. There’s lots of horsing around.

39 reasons: Padron the Friesian horse and Spirit the North American mustange horse.

28. Sometimes the animals muscle in on your pics.

39 reasons: Padron dressed for pics.

29. Or they prefer to interact with other guests.

39 reasons: Horses and visiting cattle having a meeting

30. Imagine having to cook here.

39 reasons: The cookhouse at Barnutopia

31. Or throw a party here.

39 reasons: The event barn at Barnutopia

32. The afternoon tea can’t be good for you.

39 reasons: Afternoon tea at Barnutopia

33. Could you bring yourself to go for a walk?

39 reasons: View over Barnutopia

34. Knowing you might bump into strange beasts.

39 reasons: Curious sheep

35. Or an old electric power generator.

39 reasons: Weir on the Cynllaeth

36. Reflect on the sunsets you’d have to endure.

39 reasons: Sunset reflecting off Ranch House Ray

37. Why would you do that?

39 reasons: Sunset at Tanycoed Farm

38. And who would want to sit around a campfire?

39 reasons: Campfire and toasted marshmallows

39. Nothing but countryside in every direction.

39 reasons: Sign at the main gates of Barnutopia

If you want to see how awful it is for yourself, please check dates (above) and book online or get in touch with Mrs B at or 01691 791 624. New reservations which cannot go ahead because of government restrictions related to COVID-19 may be transferred to new dates or refunded free of charge.

39 Reasons to STAY AWAY from Barnutopia