Vintage Wedding Venues Are Trending

Vintage barn for vintage wedding decorations

Why are vintage wedding venues so poplar right now? Maybe it’s because today’s brides and grooms yearn for the romance of yesteryear. Vintage provides such endless choices that you can create your own unique event that represents the unique couple you are. What Does Vintage Even Mean? Look up “vintage” … Read more

What Makes Unusual Weddings and Venues Unique?

unusual wedding venues may have pigs

Non-traditional venues, unusual weddings and unique themes are growing in popularity. If odd and quirky weddings and venues catch your eye when browsing bridal and wedding magazines, maybe you should think about taking the plunge to make your big day unique. The Where and What of Unusual Weddings There are lots … Read more

Christmas Wedding Outfits for Winter Weddings

You need winter wedding outfits to cope with winter snow

Christmas is coming and it’s time to think about Christmas wedding outfits. While there is a lot of overlap between  Christmas weddings and winter weddings, winter wedding dresses aren’t necessarily the same as Christmas wedding dresses. Christmas Wedding Outfits vs. Winter Wedding Outfits Winter weddings often incorporate white, silver, ice sculptures and … Read more

Spring Wedding Flowers Add Colour and Elegance to Your Big Day

Spring wedding flowers at Barnutopia

Spring wedding flowers provide a constant source of inspiration and joy. Whether you prefer bold or restrained colours, or delicate or robust blooms, your spring choices are seemingly endless. And even your venue’s on your side. Spring Wedding Flowers:  A Wealth of Choices Of course, modern brides and grooms can … Read more

Why Include DIY Wedding Venues on Your Shortlist?

DIY wedding venues

What’s the point of DIY wedding venues? Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that they typically take a much smaller chunk of your budget. DIY Wedding Venues Provide Flexibility Even if money isn’t a major consideration, DIY venues typically deliver superior flexibility. Many offer “blank slate” rooms (or barns) that … Read more

The Farm Wedding is Set to Become More Popular

The Farm Wedding is Set to Become More Popular

A proposed change to an 1836 law could lead to the farm wedding becoming massively popular among brides and grooms. We’re so used to seeing photos of couples marrying outside that it’s easy to assume that it’s legal. But those images are usually of a ceremony performed prior to the legal … Read more

Quirky Weddings: Awesome or Awful?

Quirky Weddings: Awesome or Awful?

Quirky weddings are gaining popularity. With good reason. They’re different, fun and ensure you’ll have a day that’s remembered by all. But can they be too quirky? When your grandmother got married, almost all weddings followed the same cookie-cutter concept. Budgets were an issue then, as they are now, but … Read more

Winter Wedding Dresses for Your Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Dresses for Your Winter Wedding

Winter wedding dresses can be every bit as chic and elegant as dresses worn during any other season. But you have to pay attention to fabrics and designs. You’ll inevitably be outside, even if only for a bit. And churches can be chilly year-round, but especially during December, January and … Read more

Rural Wedding Ideas

Rural wedding ideas sunflower wedding arch

Lots of brides are on the lookout for rural wedding ideas. After all, according to Bridal Guide magazine, “Barn weddings have never been more popular.” And you can see why. A good farm wedding venue delivers: A uniquely chilled environment that takes the edge off your big day’s inevitable stresses … Read more