ConnieDerekGarden (4) (533x800)… and thank heavens for that!

At least once a week, my in-laws gather their things, jump in their car and make the journey from Welshpool to Llansilin, Shropshire.

  • Have they come to tell me how to raise my children?
  • Perhaps they want to advise me on how to cook for their son?
  • Maybe it’s to make sure I do the laundry on the correct settings? (Oh, yes, actually, my mother-in-law does that, and a jolly good thing it is, too, or we might all have pink socks).

But, nope! That’s not why they come.

Shortly after we moved in, they took on the monumental task of sorting out Barnutopia’s neglected vegetable garden for us. They were completely undaunted by the rubble that passed for soil and barely batted an eyelid at the 15 broken panes in the greenhouse. They’ve worked diligently once or twice a week ever since. AND, they still manage to keep up with their own impressive garden. I am in awe.

ConnieDerekGarden (7) (572x800)A little later in the year, guests will benefit from home grown vegetables — all thanks to Connie and Derek. They are both very experienced gardeners and have left me with strict instructions to close the greenhouse door at night and open it in the morning. I better go do that. I don’t want to responsible for the demise of the tomato plants!

I could never wish for better in-laws. Kind, funny, hard working and generous are inadequate words to describe them. I wish they’d come over more often. 🙂

Barnutopia invaded by in-laws from Welshpool!