Camping side entrance to bathroom block

Our bathroom block with 5 toilets, 2 urinals, 6 hand basins and 3 showers is functional and lovely. Two of the toilets are wheelchair accessible and one has a shower and baby changing station. This larger cubicle is good for families with small children.


One of the large shower cubicles.

Wheelchair accessible bathroom

Large wheelchair-accessible cubicle with toilet, shower and baby-changing station.

Ladies toilets

Ladies toilets.

Mens toilets

Mens toilets.

Glamping side entrance

Glamping side entrance opposite the Dutch barn.

We installed our bathroom block in the spring of 2017. We often refer to BBB (before bathroom block) and ABB (after bathroom block) when talking about the Barnutopia timeline. We have returning guests who remember having to come into the farmhouse to use the downstairs shower and braving portable toilets in the middle of the night. Those days are long gone.