IMG_4320 (1024x1024)Dragon wellies and head torch on, ready to go.
Katrina’s on a mission, mustn’t be slow.
The wind is howling.
The rain is lashing.
Will anyone help her, the answer is no.

Over the lane to the big iron gate.
Whistling loudly, not long to wait.
Thundering hooves race down the hill.
Who’ll be the winner, think Padron will.
Soon Spirit and Ocean will have joined their mate.

Into the stables, rub down and food.
Three contented horses are in a good mood.
Pop into the cats to see if they’re home.
Oscar, Pinky and Perky, tonight they won’t roam.
No hunting for them, so they’ll have extra food.

Now it’s down to the pigsty, last port of call.
The path is slippy, careful don’t fall.
Felix and Fiona are happily grunting.
Soon to be fed, they soon will be sleeping.
Then it’s back to the farmhouse and into the hall.

Ziva is waiting she’s glad that you’re are back.
Wellies off and hang up your mac.
All at Barnutopia are cosy and warm.
Everyone is happy to be out of the storm.
Hopefully tomorrow the sun will come back.

Katrina’s ready for a nightcap but what shall it be?
She goes to the cupboard to have a look-see
Brandy or whisky, white wine or red?
But no tipple tonight because just before bed
She would far rather have a nice hot cup of tea.

Bedtime at Barnutopia