#BookDirect at Barnutopia
Put a glamping holiday, wedding or event at Barnutopia in your future.

#BookDirect Day is here. February 6, 2019 marks the second annual guest education initiative launched by VRMIntel in 2018.

#BookDirect is a drive to encourage guests to book directly with hotels, guest houses, vacation rentals and glamping sites because it is better for everyone.

Barnutopia #BookDirect Day Offer ENDED

Book ANY glamping break, package or venue hire at Barnutopia and get 15% off the standard price using promo code BOOKDIRECT15. Must be confirmed and deposit paid on Wednesday, 6th February 2019. Book online now or send an enquiry.

Why is #BookDirect Better for Everyone?

The advantages of booking directly may not be obvious. Why does it matter how the booking is made? Here’s why it’s better:

  • With no commission to pay, managers and owners may be able to offer a discount to guests
  • Special offers are rarely found on the big websites (e.g. Expedia, Airbnb, TripAdvisor)
  • Booking direct usually allows for more flexibility with dates and budgets.
  • Guests have a better customer service experience when booking directly with their destination holiday property
  • Managers and owners can help determine the best room and accommodation options for travelers
  • Guests with special needs or requests are more reassured when dealing directly with the manager or owner
  • Many great vacation properties aren’t listed on the big listing websites, not least because they already know that #BookDirect is better

How Can You Help Spread the #BookDirect Word?

  1. Book directl and encourage everyone you know to do the same
  2. When you get a great deal booking directly, TELL everyone about it
  3. Use the #BookDirect hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms

Booking Direct with Barnutopia

Most of Barnutopia’s guests book direct, already. We hope we have made the booking process easy and we are ALWAYS ready to receive your enquiry, speak or email if you have any questions.

What is #BookDirect Day?
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