Building Octa-Yurt Bronwyn

Yurt Bronwyn at Barnutopia

Yurt Bronwyn is our 5 m octayurt made to our design from wood. Installed in January 2021, we completed the build and added furniture during the coronavirus lockdown March through May of the same year.

Time-lapse video below.

Yurt Bronwyn is one of our glamping accommodation units and the second Mongolian “ger” installed at Barnutopia in May 2015. One of the three original canvas yurts, Bronwyn finally began showing serious signs of wear and tear in 2019. We attempted to spruce her up with a new canvas cover, but that did not solve the main problem with canvas yurts in the UK – the damp winter weather. From around the end of October, even though it does not rain all the time, the canvas is permanently damp and this leads to a musty smell. We decided it was time for a change.

Wooden Octayurts

We decided to replace the three canvas yurts on the yurt field with new wooden octayurts to our design. Together with the clever folk at Chestnut Sheds and Fencing, we finalised the design and they delivered and assembled the wooden octayurts in January and February. Because we have a soft spot for Mongolian yurts, we have kept yurt Axana. We decided she is worth the extra time and effort required to keep her clean and fresh for guests.

Yurt Bronwyn Time-lapse Video

We thought it would be interesting to keep a record of the takedown of the original canvas yurt and the installation of the new wooden octayurt. Apart from the basic structure, most of the decorating and finishing was done during the coronavirus lockdown of 2020. You can see we had quite a crowd, including our animals, enjoying self-isolation at Barnutopia. Pretty much everyone had a hand in the process.For your viewing pleasure, here is The Fall and Rise of Yurt Bronwyn.

The Fall and Rise of Yurt Bronwyn

How to Build an OctayurtFingers crossed we can take new reservations for July and August 2020 soon. In the meantime, here's a quick TIME-LAPSE VIDEO of behind-the-scenes at Barnutopia. From the takedown and removal of the old canvas yurt Bronwyn right through to the completion of the new wooden octayurt. Thanks to Chestnut sheds and fencing for the structure and build and everyone else for their part in making our three new octayurts (Bronwyn, Carianne and Nanny Iris) a reality.

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