Canopy and stars experience at Barnutopia

Sleeping under canopy and stars in comfort is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. Yurt Axana is Barnutopia’s largest yurt and can accommodate up to 8 guests comfortably.

Glamping Versus Camping

Glamping or “glamorous camping” as it’s called, is here to stay. Campers no longer want to carry all the paraphernalia required for a traditional canopy and stars experience. Rather, they want to enjoy the outdoors without the process of looking after themselves taking up a lot of time. Typically, glamping accommodation features:

  • Full-height accommodation so you don’t have to crawl around
  • Real beds made up ready to sleep in
  • Lights so it doesn’t matter if you forget your torch
  • Power for phone charging and small electrical appliances
  • WiFi so you can post fabulous pics of your holiday
  • Heating in some form or another
  • Cooking facilities
  • Real flushing toilets
  • Showers with unlimited hot water

Canopy and Stars Experience at Barnutopia

Currently Barnutopia has 4 luxury yurts, 3 cabins a stable and a bunkhouse. All our glamping accommodation has real beds made up ready to sleep in, power, lights, heating and free WiFi. The kitchen facilities are excellent and the bathroom block has proper flushing toilets and showers with unlimited hot water.

Other Glamping Destinations

Glamping isn’t limited to yurts and cabins and there are many websites popping up listing glamping destinations of all kinds, from aeroplanes to treehouses. The common feature that all these comfortable camping sites have in common is that, unlike traditional camping, glamping is easy. You can just rock up and start your holiday.

Canopy and Stars Experience Alternatives

Still other websites have realised that some guests don’t necessarily want to stay under canvas. They just want to search and stay at a beautiful place in the countryside. There are lots of countryside experiences that don’t qualify as glamping, but still allow for a fabulous outdoor experience.

Canopy and Stars Experience in Rural Shropshire