So, an article about corporate retreat theme ideas Corporate retreat theme kunekune pigs at Barnutopiamade me think about Barnutopia as an “on the farm” theme for a totally awesome retreat. We are in an exceptionally beautiful rural location right on the Shropshire/Powys border and the possibilities are endless.

I spent many years working for corporate America and organised and taught at many management offsite gatherings. It was always more fun when there was a theme. It gives folks the opportunity to be clever, silly and funny at the same time. Absolutely perfect for team building and leadership nurturing. We moved back to Britain and set up Barnutopia and (speaking with my vice president hat on) it is an excellent venue for a corporate retreat.

Corporate Retreat Theme at Barnutopia

Where to start? With an on the farm theme, any countryside pun or joke you’ve ever heard applies.  We have horses, pigs, dogs and cats, pasture, stream, hay barn and outbuildings. On top of that, we have well equipped and comfortable accommodation for up to 46 delegates in yurt, stables, cabins and a bunkhouse as well as a fantastic long barn with seating for up to 120 delegates (minimum 16 for whole glamping site). Additional residential guests can be accommodated in their own tents or bell tents, which we can source. And there’s additional space for breakout meetings and activities.

What to think about for a Corporate Retreat Theme

The point is not to be too clever with the theme. Save the strategic thinking for actual strategy. The point of a corporate retreat theme is simply to give a framework for activities and games for team building and leadership training. Hopefully, your managers and employees spend most of their working days being serious, clever and productive. A corporate retreat is a place for everyone to let off steam and, perhaps, come up with a few ideas that could just change the way you do business. Or just let off steam. Either is good.

Barnutopia for your Corporate Retreat Theme

Really, the possibilities are endless. I had a quick think about how you could take Barnutopia and apply it to a corporate retreat. Here are a few thoughts after a couple of glasses of best Aldi Malbec. I’m sure these could be incorporated into an “on the farm” corporate retreat theme.

  • Team members are livestock (horses, donkeys, cows, pigs, goats, llamas, alpacas, sheep)
  • Fed, watered, exercised, free range to roam (oh yes, we can do that)
  • Experts in their fields
  • Mucking out (PLENTY of this to do)
  • Baling (we have lots of bales of hay)
  • Getting your goat
  • Dog tired (our dogs are NEVER tired)
  • Pigs in muck (our pigs are excellent and love a wander around the yurt field while you’re having a campfire)
  • Hogwash (I CHALLENGE you to wash our piggies).
  • Fowl play
  • Horsing around (yes, we have horses)
  • Load of bull
  • Flogging a dead horse
  • Nightmares
  • Fleeced (lots of sheep in the fields surrounding us)




Barnutopia Corporate Retreat Theme in Rural Shropshire