We were too impatient and forged ahead with our barn improvements without ever launching the Crowdfunder. However, we have launched a smaller Crowdfunder to Add a Yurt at Barnutopia. Great rewards exceed pledge value.

#BeautifyTheBarn Completed without Crowdfunder FundsCrowdfunder for wedding and event venue in Shropshire

Our crowdfunding project aka Operation #BeautifyTheBarn, is to raise funds to spend on enhancing our beautiful glamping site as a wedding and event venue.

It is a natural progression for us to build on our success as a glamping site and expand as a wedding and event venue. With a total area of 180 square metres, the long barn is large enough to host events for up to 120 guests comfortably. We have  solicited feedback from the local community, wedding and event planners and the local council. The conclusion is that a beautiful and well-appointed event venue would be a great asset to the area.

About the Crowdfunder

We have already invested time, energy and money into Barnutopia. We started with 3 yurts in 2015 and now have 3 yurts, 2 stables, a cabin and a bunkhouse. In addition, we have repaired and made good two-thirds of the long barn and have hosted many parties and celebrations for up to 50 guests. Progress to date includes:

  • Received full planning permission to increase the number of glamping units, expand as event venue for up to 120 guests and add tent camping site and car park.
  • Granted a premises and personal licence for alcohol and entertainment.
  • Application for premises approval for wedding ceremonies submitted.
  • Refurbishment and decoration of long barn in progress.
  • Concreted the whole floor
  • Installed a new rainwater harvesting and septic system to increase capacity for events.
  • New bathroom block with 5 toilets, 2 urinals and 3 showers is underway.
  • Installed drainage in pasture adjacent to Barnutopia and re-surface for car parking.

We plan to seek £10,000 in crowdfunding to enable us to do more, faster. Investment will be invited at all levels from £250 to £1,250. Your reward is your money back and up to £750 more against your wedding or event any time in 2018 or 2019. Currently, venue hire starts from £2,050 for up to 60 guests for 2 days midweek including all accommodation, tables, chairs and use of our collection of vintage china. Please preview our crowdfunding project and feel free to offer feedback and suggestions.

Ongoing Projects

Following a visit from the Shropshire registrars, who are very enthusiastic about Barnutopia as a wedding venue, we want to:

  • Clean, repair, make good and re-paint the long barn interior and exterior (windows, walls, doors and ceiling). DONE
  • Repair the (mainly good) roof to ensure no leaks. DONE
  • Decorate the Dutch barn, accessed directly from the long barn, as an indoor/outdoor space for guests to gather prior to a wedding ceremony. IN PROGRESS
  • Renovate and decorate a second, smaller barn on the property. IN PROGRESS
  • Add one or perhaps two new glamping units (yurts or cabins) to provide additional accommodation. CABIN ADDED. Crowdfunder for fourth yurt.

Our first wedding reception is booked for June 2017 [was fabulous] and the first wedding ceremony is booked for August [is going to be on ITV in spring 2018]. Even without the Crowdfunder, we will be ready; however, the Crowdfunder is a way of getting the word out about our fabulous new venue and the additional funds will allow us to complete the work more quickly along with some little extras that may otherwise have to be put on the back-burner.

Crowdfunder for Wedding and Event Venue in Shropshire