OSMapCustomFree Custom Map On Request with Every Booking of 7 Nights or More [OFFER NOW EXPIRED]

When we first moved to Tanycoed Farm and set about building our yurts, we were surprised to find that Llansilin village and Barnutopia are on the edge of all available Ordnance Survey (Britain’s mapping agency) maps. This makes it very inconvenient when planning walks, bike rides or hacking in the area.

However, we took advantage of the Ordnance Survey Custom Made maps service to create a map with Barnutopia and Llansilin at the very centre.

Free Ordnance Survey Custom Map For You

Of course, you can order a map for yourself from Ordnance Survey, but if you book for 7 nights or more, we will gladly have a custom map made for you. If you give us a few weeks’ notice, the map will be waiting for you at Barnutopia on your arrival day. Or, if preferred, we can take a pic of you next to your yurt and post the map to you after your holiday. You can use one of our maps while you’re here.

  • All you’ll need to do is provide a picture and the name you want to include on the cover.

Area Covered by Custom Map of Llansilin, Powys and Surrounding Area


Free Custom Map from Ordnance Survey