Creating your own DIY wedding centrepieces DIY wedding centrepiecesis one of the best bits of a DIY wedding. You get to choose the theme, colour, style and all the pieces to make them uniquely yours.

Internet Inspiration

We have had some lovely DIY table decorations at Barnutopia. As you might expect, Pinterest has a weath of pics and projects for DIY wedding centrepieces. However, that’s not the only place you’ll find unique and interesting ideas. Here are 10 sources of inspiration we found by digging a bit deeper online.

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DIY Wedding Centrepieces at Barnutopia

Barnutopia is an assisted DIY wedding venue. This means that we give you a lot of help to ensure your wedding day is perfect. We collect venue and table decorations and you are very welcome to use ours if they suit your theme.

10 Sources of Inspiration for DIY Wedding Centrepieces