DIY wedding decorations

Spotted in DIY Brides UK (Facebook group), a wonderful list of DIY wedding decorations dos and don’ts, by Lucinda Purnell. Lucinda got married in July this year (not at Barnutopia) and had this to say. It made me chuckle, but I agree with her on every point.

I made faaaaaaaar too many decorations and completely underestimated how long it would take to dress the hall. As the guests started to arrive I was still getting into my dress and shouting instructions to my family!! Whoops!

We’ve seen a few brides and grooms cutting it fine with DIY wedding decorations at Barnutopia weddings. Here’s what Lucinda had to say:

  • Everything takes longer to put up and take down than you think. Like double or triple the time!
  • Only make decorations that you have time to put up.
  • Only make decorations that you have space to put up.
  • Double check you have everything. Unbelievably, we forgot the chair bows. Although, once people were sat in them it was fine.
  • Paper pom poms take $%”#6! forever to unpuff and you will get stressed and cross watching people take over ten mins to unpuff just one.
  • Fairy lights look lovely wrapped around beams but are soooo time consuming to out up. And don’t forget to take them off the timer if they have one built in, ours switched off halfway through the evening. Grrr
  • Take more scissors than you think you could possibly need. You will lose them all!
  • Don’t try to arrange everything yourself, you won’t have time. Your family and friends might not do things exactly as you would but at least it will get done.
  • Sometimes friends will do it better. My best friend did a far better job with the flowers than my practice attempts. And she came up with imaginative ways to display crafts that I thought we didn’t have time or space to put out.
  • It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have everything perfect, none of your guests will know what the original plan was.
  • Put batteries in all lights before you get to your venue. I forgot to do some and they needed tiny screwdrivers so had to leave my tabletop Mr & Mrs lights and neon sign unlit.
  • Don’t worry if your crafts are a little wonky. Most people just look at the overall effect.
  • I wish I had more time to set up the hall as I had to abandon putting up bunting and balloons outside which made that a bit bare.

So, there you have it, time and friends are your secret weapon to ensure your DIY wedding decorations are done in time for you to get dressed before your wedding starts. 😉

Happy crafting!

DIY Wedding Decorations Dos and Don’ts