Barnutopia welcomes dogs
Ziva, Barnutopia’s Great Dane / Husky cross.

We love dogs and we are happy for you to bring your very well-behaved dog (or dogs) free of charge. Dogs must be leashed, controlled or contained at all times. Barnutopia is in a rural area among working farms, with sheep and other livestock in the fields.

If your dog strays and worries livestock, there is no knowing what the local farmers may do to protect their animals. If your dog escapes and causes harm (worrying, chasing, attacking) to livestock it will have to be removed from Barnutopia immediately. No exceptions. You may also have to pay for any damage done.

By bringing your dog you are confirming that you understand the risks to your pet if it escapes and bothers livestock or local farmers and that you will pay for any damages done.

PadronHoliday with your horse

Mrs B once enjoyed a summer camping trip with her horse and likes to offer this possibility to other horse-lovers. If you’d like to bring your horse with you for a holiday, get in touch to make arrangements.

We have a small paddock close to all glamping units. In fact, guests in stable Stephanie could look out of their window and see their horse in the corral.

Other Pets

We are happy to consider any pet. Please get in touch.