Event Catering for your Wedding or Celebration

You are welcome to self-cater or use a mobile caterer for your wedding. Feel free to check our list of caterers or find a new one. If your caterers offer a drinks package feel free to take advantage of it as part of a catering package for your sit-down wedding breakfast. Your caterer is responsible for removing all waste and bottles generated during their service.

Barnutopia Catering

We can provide casual food, a buffet, pot food (e.g. chilli, curry) and/or meals cooked outdoors on our griddle if that suits your event.  Our afternoon teas are served on our collection of vintage china. We are very open to special requests and variations. Pricing is locked when your catering deposit is received. Children 3 years old and younger eat for free (one per paying adult).

The Three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

It is inevitable that events generate waste from packaging and catering disposables. When practical, please use glassware, china and cutlery that can be washed up. When this isn’t possible, please use paper, card and other sustainable natural products that can be either composted or burned. That way we do not contribute to plastic in landfills and oceans. Thank you.

Please Note

  • Pricing shown is for 2019. Future pricing may vary.
  • We offer ONE meal choice per sitting; although, we try to have some variety within that meal.
  • We are happy to provide vegetarian, vegan and other dietary options on request. Just ask and we will oblige if we can.


Please note all guests must have the same breakfast option on a particular day.

Light Breakfast

Good quick option for day of event.

  • £5.00 each (croissants and selection of pastries, tea, coffee, orange juice).
  • £000 per head 3 years and younger

Full Breakfast

Very popular on the morning after a late-night party.

  • £7.50 per head adults & children 14 years and older
  • £5.50 per head 4-13 years
  • £000 per head 3 years and younger
  • One breakfast choice per sitting.
  • Barnutopia breakfast (all-you-can-eat home made pancakes and syrups, bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, baked beans, toast, tea, coffee, orange juice)
  • English breakfast (bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, toast, tea, coffee, orange juice)

Reception drinks & Nibbles

  • £5.00 per head (e.g. bubbly with soft drink alternative), savoury and sweet snacks.

Main Course and Dessert

  • £14.50 per head for adults & children 14 years and older (£12.00 with no dessert)
  • £9.00 per head children 4-13 years (£6.50 with no dessert)
  • £000 per head children 3 years and younger
  • One main course and dessert choice per sitting.
  • Full griddle (beef burgers, cheese slices, chicken fillets, Frankfurter (hotdog) sausages, hotdog onions in sauce, burger/hot dog buns, coleslaw, baked beans, lettuce, tomato, condiments, dessert)
  • Chilli con carne (meat chilli, vegetable chilli/ragout, rice, salad, garlic bread, grated cheese, sour cream, dessert)
  • Chicken curry (chicken curry, vegetable curry rice, samosas, cucumber, yoghurt dressing, chutney, naan bread, dessert)
  • Desserts (lemon posset and shortbread, trifle, cheesecake, cakes, with raspberries or strawberries and fresh cream).
  • Afternoon tea (Add £4.00 per head. See below. Our afternoon tea is a lot more than an afternoon snack. It is a full spread that leaves no-one hungry. It requires a lot of man/woman-power to set up and serve in a timely fashion)
  • PLEASE ASK if you have something particular in mind.
  • Usually served on disposable plates and cutlery (+£1.50 per head served on our vintage china)

Afternoon TeaAfternoon tea wedding breakfast at Barnutopia

Tables laid with our vintage china and served as a buffet on vintage platters and serving plates.

  • £18.50 per head for adults & children 14 years and older
  • £12.50 per head children 4-13 years
  • £000 per head children 3 years and younger
  • Selection of sandwiches with salad garnish. Choose 4 sandwich fillings from:
    1. Chicken & mango chutney
    2. Ham & mustard
    3. Tuna mayonnaise
    4. Cheddar cheese & chutney
    5. Cream cheese & cucumber
    6. Egg mayonnaise
    7. Other (feel free to request a different sandwich filling)
  • Choice of 3 savoury snacks:
    • Pork pies
    • Sausage rolls
    • Quiche
    • Mini Scotch eggs
    • Cheese straws
    • Other (feel free to request something different)
  • Crisps, olives, veg sticks, hummus
  • Selection of cakes, e.g. Victoria, chocolate, lemon drizzle, carrot, coffee, scones, Welsh cakes
  • Please ask and we can cut and add your wedding cake to the sweet selection
  • Tea and coffee

Supper Snacks

  • £5.00 per headoutdoor pancake bar
  • £000 per head 3 years and younger
  • One supper snack per sitting.
  • Pancake bar. Original recipe homemade pancakes with a selection of conserves (e.g. strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, lemon curd, Nutella).
  • Pizza. Cheese pizzas, pepperoni pizzas and a variety of others.
  • Hot dog bar. Frankfurters, buns, hotdog onions in sauce.
  • Bacon or sausage baps. Bacon or sausage with ketchup and brown sauce in fresh bread rolls.

Staff Hire

Katrina and/or Steve will be around to ensure your day goes smoothly. If you need additional help (waitstaff, bar staff, general helpers) we are happy to find them for you.

  • £19.50 per hour per staff member to help in any way (including serving your alcohol). Minimum 4 hours per person.

Licensed Bar

By arrangement only. We have a licence and can run a bar but we prefer to use the services of a mobile bar company. There are several listed in our vendors and suppliers directory.

[Last updated 16 July 2018]

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