9 glamping yurts and cabins. Smallest sleeps 3. Largest sleeps 10. See all glamping units.

Each unit has electrical sockets, lights, heater and free WiFi.

Aprt from yourselves, you won't need much. Check out our list of what to bring glamping at Barnutopia

You can order breakfast at Barnutopia and there are lots of dining options within 5 miles or so. See dining options

Well-behaved dogs are welcome free of charge. Please ask about other pets

The campsite is a field with no defined pitches. It can accommodate up to 6 large tents or more smaller ones.

We don't mind the occasional small campervan or caravan but bear in mind the approach is along narrow country lanes and there is no electric hookup or water hookup on pitches. There is no grey or black water waste disposal onsite.

In addition to our own hygiene and safety practices, we rely on the goodwill and common sense of our guests to ensure that Barnutopia, its glamping units, barns and shared facilities remain clean, comfortable and safe. Please tell us immediately if something isn’t right so we can take action.

In the event of an emergency requiring the police, fire brigade or ambulance service, please use your mobile to dial 999 or raise the alarm at the farmhouse at any time of the day or night. Then retreat to the Assembly Point in the car park opposite the main gates. DO NOT TAKE ANY RISKS.

Address & Contact Details

  • Barnutopia, Tanycoed Farm, Llansilin, Oswestry, Shropshire SY10 9BS
  • UK grid reference SJ 22094 28336
  • Katrina & Steve Boydon, Owners
  • 01691 791 624 Landline
  • 07983 219 939 Katrina mobile
  • Further location details and driving directions here.

We assume our guests are honest, considerate and well behaved; however, we reserve the right to determine acceptable levels of noise or behaviour and may request corrective action if noise or behaviour is deemed unacceptable. Please don’t play loud music outside the glamping units. This includes radios, electronic devices with speakers and karaoke machines. You are welcome to play music quietly inside your unit or outside providing it does not disturb other guests, the sheep or our nearest neighbours (0.6 miles away). Please comply with any requests or orders we give relating to safety on the property and around our animals. See also our public Code of Conduct & Safety.

  1. We benefit from a private water supply with no added chemicals. It is safe to drink, but we need to be mindful of water usage.
    1. Do not leave taps running (e.g. when washing up or cleaning teeth)
    2. Hose bikes or dogs off quickly
    3. Keep showers short
  2. Please compost food waste and throw glass in glass bins
  3. Place all other waste in the bins provided. 100% is recycled by the waste collection service we use.
  4. DO NOT LIGHT campfires if it is windy or close to any glamping unit or building.
  5. You are responsible for your personal safety and the safety of your children and pets.

Everyone onsite has access to the bathroom block, fire pits and woodshed. Firewood is free for glampers and campers may purchase.

Glamping Guests

Glamping units have beds, bed linen, electrical sockets, lights and heaters. Please bring clothing, sensible footwear, wellies if likely to be wet, personal items, toiletries and a towel. We provide firewood but bring charcoal if you want to cook over our fire pits. Glampers have access to the cookhouse and the kitchen shack, which have everything you need to prepared, cook and eat food.

Camping Guests

Our grass tent pitches do not have electric hook-up, a water supply or waste hook-up. Campers should bring whatever you need to set up and camp comfortably. You have access to the the kitchen shack, which has a fridge-freezer and everything you need to prepare, cook and eat food.

WiFi is available on the glamping site and near to the stable block and farmhouse. There are several zones all with the password. Please ASK any member of staff for the password. If you are camper and need to WiFi you will need to come over to the glamping site to use it.

Barnutopia is subject to statutory controls, including those relating to food, fire, health, hygiene and safety. These must be strictly observed by guests. We take every care to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable holiday but cannot be held liable for any accidents or consequential loss. Every effort is made to ensure the property and our services are as safe as possible, but it is a farm with animals, equipment, sharp corners, uneven surfaces and unmanicured terrain.

YOU are responsible for your children at all times.  You let your children wander unsupervised at your own risk. Please insist they wear suitable footwear at all times.

Generally, our animals are well behaved and friendly. They are handled daily. However, all animals can bite, and some can scratch and kick, too. You interact with our animals at your own risk. We recommend that you do not interfere with any of our animals unless supervised by Mrs B or Mr B. Please do not feed the pigs from your hand. They may snatch for food and bite accidentally. Wash your hands after petting any animals. Please ask other guests before approaching their pets, too.

Pets must be leashed, controlled or contained at all times for their own safety and the safety of others. By bringing your pet you are confirming that you understand the risks to your pet if it escapes and bothers livestock and that you will pay for any damages done. Farmers are within their rights to shoot pets that interfere with their livestock.

Glamping Units

You can expect your unit to be clean and dry with fresh bedding and no remnants of the previous guests. Occasionally, you may find glitter. No matter how hard we try to remove it all, some remains, and it gets into the strangest of places.

Bed Linen

All bed linen is laundered in a commercial launderette between guests. We do not discard bed linen that has small tears or marks. It is more ecologically friendly to repair and remove the marks, if that is possible, but please don't be surprised if you find the odd blemish.

Shared Spaces

We check and clean shared spaces frequently. However, please do your part to keep all areas clean and tidy for the comfort of all guests.

Please let us know immediately if there is anything wrong with your unit and we will rectify.

We know you have to get in and out of the glamping units and there is no rule that you must take off your outdoor shoes every time you go in and out. Please use good sense to minimise the amount of dirt, mud and water that is carried inside the glamping units. If it is raining, please ask for a towel to throw down inside the door. It’s much easier for us to wash towels than it is to clean rugs.

Our private car park is located opposite the main entrance gates to the farmyard, farmhouse and glamping site. You may park on the glamping side to unload and then move your car to the car park. Please do NOT drive on any grassed areas unless directed to do so.

Outside lights on the kitchen shack, the cookhouse, the corner of the farmhouse, the stable block, the bathroom block and bunkhouse Bethan are left on all night so you can see to move around the site. There are solar lights at the entrance to the car park and tent campsite. If any of these lights are not illuminated when it is dark, please do not hesitate to let us know so we can investigate and/or turn them on.

You may smoke anywhere outside providing it does not interfere with the enjoyment of other guests. Please dispose of cigarette butts in the sand pots provided or your campfire. DO NOT thrown them on the ground. There is a NO SMOKING policy within the glamping units and shared facilities in line with UK legislation. This includes e-cigarettes.

No naked flames or candles are permitted inside the units or any buildings except the open-sided Dutch barn, where campfires are permitted.

Barnutopia is on a private water supply with water originating from a spring on the hill in the field behind yurts Carianne and Nanny Iris. The system includes several water storage tanks  totalling around 18,000 litres. Water runs through micro particle filters and UV filters and is safe for drinking, cooking, washing and showering. Take care not to leave taps for extended periods or the system could drain completely.

Cookhouse & Kitchen Shack

Hot water to the sinks is heated in small heating reservoirs under the sinks. It heats up quickly but cannot keep up if you wash pots under a running tap. Please do not do this.

Bathroom Block

Water for washing and showering is heated by an oil-fired boiler with electric back-up. Water for flushing toilets is rainwater harvested from the roof of the stable block.

The cookhouse is shared by all glamping guests onsite. The kitchen shack is shared by glamping and camping guests. Each is equipped with everything you need to self-cater, store food, eat, drink and clean up. Please tidy up as you go and clean up after yourselves.

Place all compostable waste in the small black lidded buckets. Bottles and glass should be placed in the black bins marked for glass. There are usually a couple of these under the open-sided Dutch barn. All other waste can go in the general waste bins. We pay for a waste disposal service that guarantees 100% of waste is recycled.

The bathroom block has ladies, gents, 2 disabled toilets and 3 showers (one is wheelchair accessible and has a shower chair). Our water supply is perfectly adequate for everyone on site to wash and shower every day if desired. However, please, please help us to conserve water by keeping showers short or skipping a day.

We have a sewage treatment plant (installed in 2017) that is more than adequate for normal use, but we need to be mindful of not overloading the system. Please stagger showering.

There is a selection of outdoor furniture and fire pits in the Dutch barn available for use. Please feel free to use what you need. If it looks like rain, please return it to the barn after use. There are a few wire metal grids for cooking over the fire pits.

We have a selection of fire pits available for guest use.  Please ask for help setting up so we can ensure your campfire is safe. No campfires are permitted:

  • Within 5 metres of a wooden structure
  • Within 2 metres of a brick/metal structure
  • If it is windy
  • On the grass without a concrete slab AND stand

Dutch Barn

Campfires are permitted under the Dutch barn. This is especially handy if the weather is poor.

Firewood is in the woodshed attached to the farmhouse just under the outside light on the corner of the house. Usually there is a supply of firelighters and matches on the high shelf to the right of the door inside. Firewood is free for glampers or if you have booked the entire venue. Tent campers pay using the money box in the wood shed (honour system).

We love feedback on any aspect of Barnutopia, our glamping units, the facilities and our hospitality. We strive to improve always. Please let us know if something is not right or if you see a way for us to improve.

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Please adhere to our code of conduct and safety when at Barnutopia.

Terms and conditions of booking to stay at Barnutopia.

Privacy policy and use of information.

Staff schedule. Password protect for Barnutopia staff only,