A proposed change to an 1836 law could lead to the farm wedding Farm wedding setting at Barnutopiabecoming massively popular among brides and grooms.

We’re so used to seeing photos of couples marrying outside that it’s easy to assume that it’s legal. But those images are usually of a ceremony performed prior to the legal union, which has to be performed indoors. This is because a 19th-century law makes marrying outdoors illegal in England and Wales.

Drone pic courtesy of James Reynolds September 2018.

That now looks set to change. Chancellor Philip Hammond announced proposals in his October 2018 budget speech to allow outdoor weddings across the UK, according to the Financial Times.

Farm Wedding Venues Unbeatable

And that’s fantastic news for couples who love the great outdoors. Just like all those characters in endless American films and TV shows,  you too could soon be able to wed under the open sky.

If that appeals to you, a farm wedding is likely to be high on your list of choices.  You’ll probably want a venue that’s fantastically picturesque, complete with plenty of animals: the sort of setting that makes a perfect backdrop for photos and memories alike.

At the same time, you won’t want to find yourself picking your way through cowpats to get to the altar. This is where Barnutopia comes in. It’s ex-farm set-up in glorious countryside and a very practical wedding venue with three licensed barns.

Barnutopia Farm Wedding

Farm Wedding Ideas

Don’t get the idea that a farm wedding automatically means a rustic wedding. Although, a farm is ideal for one of those.

Bales of hay for your guests to sit on, a rustic arch garlanded with seasonal flowers, wedding photos with the bride and groom on a tractor or with a handsome horse in the background. Those are just some of the ideas that come naturally when you think of a farm wedding. And it can’t hurt that they tend to be better value that some more traditional venues.

But you can pick any theme you want. Go for something quirky or colourful or conventional … you get to choose.

The farm is just a canvas. True, it’s a gorgeous one. But it’s one on which you can paint your perfect day.

And who knows? Yours might turn out to be the first wedding in 182 years to have been performed legally outdoors in England and Wales.

Farm wedding at Barnutopia

Check out Barnutopia’s assisted DIY venue hire options.

The Farm Wedding is Set to Become More Popular
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