If judges were made to eat a slice of every gay wedding cake Gay wedding cakethey had to rule on, obesity would be a bigger issue in our courts.

Cakes have bizarrely taken a central role in the culture war over same-sex marriage.

The Law’s Still on Your Side

To be clear, the recent UK Supreme Court ruling over the bakery in Northern Ireland has made little difference to your rights. That case concerned a request to bake a cake iced with a pro-gay marriage message.

So it made a political statement. And it wasn’t a gay wedding cake.

In her ruling, President of the Supreme Court Lady Hale tried to make the distinction clear:

“The bakers could not refuse to supply their goods to Mr Lee because he was a gay man or supported gay marriage, but that is quite different from obliging them to supply a cake iced with a message with which they profoundly disagreed”.

Have Fun with Your Gay Wedding Cake

So you can probably still buy your cake anywhere. But you’ll probably want your wedding suppliers to be pro-LGBTQ. From your venue (Barnutopia is exceptionally friendly to the community) to your caterer, florist and photographer, why not spend your budget with people who like who you are?

And that goes for bakers, too. Find one who’s going to enjoy creating something unique, just for you.

Gay Wedding Cake Ideas

Some same-sex couples are still so tickled by the fact they can wed, they want LGBTQ themes. Go for it! Rainbow icing can look amazing. Some even have rainbow cake underneath.

Others may prefer something traditional. Perhaps ivory royal icing over a Christmas-style cake. This is your day. And you should choose the cake that suits you.

Here’s a guide to types of icing. And Pinterest and Google are loaded with pictures that might inspire you. Just remember to make sure your choice is delicious.

Toppers for Your Gay Wedding Cake

Toppers are the little models that sit atop a wedding cake. Traditionally, these comprise a bride and groom.

And, if your relationship involves male-female roles or transvestism, you can stick with one of those.

But probably most lesbians and gay men would prefer same-sex toppers for their same-sex union. And nowadays those are easy to find. For ideas, check out Amazon.

If you’re looking to wed in a gay-friendly environment, please do email mrsb@barnutopia.com.

Gay Wedding Cake: Have Yours and Eat It