Our glamping site is comfortable and convenient for guests. All units have lighting & heating, bed linen, car parking, breakfast & dining to order by arrangement.

Glamping site electrical connection unit
S1FE holiday home electrical connection unit for yurts

Glamping Site Power

We knew from the start that we wanted to have power to our yurts.This is not only for the comfort of our guests, but so that we can vacuum and clean the yurts easily. Extension leads from the main house to each yurt are not an option as that would be unsafe. After much research we eventually went with unmetered units  from Caravan Park Electrical Services Ltd. installed by a qualified local electrician.

Freshly laundered bed linen for glamping site units
Freshly laundered bed linen for glamping units

Glamping Site Laundry

For the first month or so after opening we washed bed linen in our own washing machine and dried on the line or in a tumble drier. As bookings increased and the bed linen and towel mountains grew, we realized our home washing machine and drying facilities would not cope. We found a launderette in nearby Oswestry with large volume washing machines and every week or so we fill the car with laundry baskets of used linen and return a couple of hours later with beautiful clean, dry and folded linens.

8 tonnes of gravel and shale for glamping site driveway
8 tonnes of gravel and shale for driveway

Glamping Site Driveways

We are lucky that the drive into Barnutopia is asphalt. No-one has any difficulty driving onto the property. However, the asphalt stops before you get to the Dutch barn parking bays and when winter and rain arrived we knew it would be a problem for vehicles that aren’t 4-wheel drive. Eight tonnes of gravel and shale fixed the issue and guests can now park their cars without fear of slipping or sliding.

Pantry in glamping site farmhouse
Pantry in the main farmhouse

Glamping Site Dining

We are only 5 miles from Oswestry and a multitude of supermarkets. Even so, ensuring we have breakfast supplies in at all times can be quite a challenge — especially with a large family who love bacon and sausages.

Glamping Site Behind the Scenes