Group wedding

Group weddings are an amazing addition to celebration possibilities. Imagine the vibe of a festival with great music, street food and gorgeous surroundings. Invite close family and friends and join several other couples for an amazing ceremony of love and commitment.

Multi-Couple Festival Wedding at Barnutopia

We love this idea so much that we want to host the first UK multi-couple festival wedding for 4 couples at Barnutopia. If you are interested, please send an enquiry now. #8GetWedAtBarnutopia

Group Wedding Party in the USA

The Wedding Party festival was created by Ben Higgins, who starred in American reality show The Bachelor. Eight couples married and one couple renewed their vows in Denver, Colorado on 1 September 2019. It was so successful, another wedding party is planned for August 2020. This time it is for ten couples and 2,000 thousand guests including up to 500 wedding crashers (members of the public who buy tickets to attend).

First British Group Wedding

The first British wedding with multiple couples took place in 2012. Bath and North East Somerset arranged the event, which coincided with the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. Six couples married and celebrated with a reception for 30 guests per couple. As far as we know, there hasn’t been another group wedding since.

Mass Wedding History

Collective or mass weddings are not new and history provides plenty of examples. It is believed that in 324 BC, Alexander the Great married along with about 80 of his military officers and soldiers. Many religions and countries conduct group weddings and in 2011 a collective wedding ceremony for more than 3,100 couples was held in India. Participants included Hindus, Christians, Buddhists. Muslims and Adivasi. Historically, they were held for the sake of convenience and cost, allowing couples to have lavish celebrations that would be otherwise not feasible.

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Group Weddings are a THING