RobinRedBreast (1) (800x800)Barnutopia’s new guest has just flown in.
On his arrival he made quite a din.
Sadly he won’t be allowed to stay.
He has to be sent on his way.
Must go back to his kith and kin.

Catching him will be quite a quest.
He can’t be treated like a normal guest.
Lucky for him, no sign of the cats.
There not even sitting on the mats.
They’re probably in the hedgerows, having a rest.

High on the picture he’s looking down.
Everyone else is wearing a frown.
He can’t stay here, he’ll have to go.
If someone can catch him, it won’t take a mo.
He has red breast and feathers of brown.

Quickly and quietly, don’t make a sound.
If this cheeky robin is to be found.
Slowly, slowly reaching up.
Putting hands together, to make a cup.
Phew finally got him, now he is safely homeward bound.

Homeward Bound