Why wait for summer? A spring wedding Spring wedding at Barnutopiabrings all the freshness and newness of the season. And it lets your imagination run wild with ideas for flowers, wedding outfits and themes.

Pic courtesy of Nicola Streader Photography taken at Barnutopia in May 2018.

Start your Marriage with a Fresh Spring Wedding

Most couples go for a summer wedding. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the most popular wedding dates in 2018 were all between 26th May and 1st September.

But this is your chance to express yourself. So think outside the box. If your favourite season is spring, that’s as good a reason as any to choose the season for your wedding. Although, autumn and winter are also possibilities if you want to stay away from summer.

Spring Showers

If you have a reservation about having a spring wedding, it probably concerns the weather. But are you right that it’s more likely to rain in the spring than the summer?

Here in Shropshire, home of Barnutopia, there’s actually more rain in millimetres in July, August and September than in the spring months. True, that rain falls on more days earlier in the year but only by a bit. The Met Office reckons there are 10.1 days with more than a millimetre of rain in April, compared with 9.7 days in August. The fact is, any UK wedding comes with a risk of less than perfect weather.

Spring Wedding Flowers … and More!

Is there any time of year that produces better flowers than springtime? Whether you want a theme that’s more rustic (tree blossoms, tulips, anemones, sweet peas, narcissi, ranunculus …) or prefer to stick to the traditional (roses, lily of the valley, carnations …), you’ll be spoilt for choice with a spring wedding. And that goes for table settings and venue decorations as well as bouquets and buttonholes. Interflora has some ideas for you.

And there’s another advantage to having a spring wedding. It’s likely to deliver better value for money.

That’s because it’s an off-peak time for nuptials. So your photographer, caterer and other suppliers are less likely to charge you peak rates. Even your honeymoon should typically be less expensive.

As importantly, suppliers can often be more flexible over dates, including those for late bookings.

At the time of writing, Barnutopia had open dates in March, April and May 2019. Call or email MrsB@barnutopia.com to see what’s still available when you read this.

Full of the Joys of a Spring Wedding