Outdoor venues for weddings: Barnutopia

Outdoor venues result in unique weddings with Mother Nature giving you beauty and romance for free.

Outdoor Venues Add a Breath of Fresh Air

Of course, outdoor venues provide a literal breath of fresh air. But they deliver a metaphorical one, too.

They free you from the physical constraints of the function room and allow you to be more imaginative with your theme.

Eat Al Fresco

For example, you have new options when it comes to catering. Of course, you’re still free to have a formal, sit-down wedding feast. But being outdoors gives you more options.

How about a hog roast? Or a food truck? Or a wood-fired mobile kitchen? And why not have a vintage ice cream tricycle, too? Barnutopia’s list of caterers includes all those and more.

Or you can choose your own caterer. Or even get the talented cooks in your family to create a do-it-yourself feast.

Outdoor Venues and the Weather

We Brits are used to being gloomy about the weather. But, in spring and summer months, your chances of a dry, sunny day may be better than you think.

In the lush, green area surrounding Barnutopia, fewer than one in three days during those months get more than a millimetre of rain. And many of those that have some will see just a brief shower. That’s based on Met Office data for Oswestry for April to September, inclusive.

So, even in supposedly wet old England, you stand a great chance of enjoying fine weather. But, if you’re unlucky, all good outdoor venues should have a back-up plan that keeps you and your guests dry and happy.

Make the Most of It

Just the joy of being outside in beautiful surroundings is enough for many. But you can, of course, use outdoor venues as a backdrop for your own theme.

For example, farm weddings are getting more popular — as are rustic ones and vintage ones. Indeed, some brides and grooms have even been known to recreate a whole village fête for their reception.

To talk through your ideas for your outdoor wedding and to explore Barnutopia’s availability, email mrsb@barnutopia.com.

Outdoor Venues Give Weddings a Whole New Dimension