Couples who want a fully outdoor wedding Outdoor wedding aisle from hay balesmight fancy a field, but there are lots of other quirky venues to consider. Wedding venues that have access to the outdoors include country houses, barns, some hotels, gardens, stately homes, golf courses and sporting venues.

What are the pros and cons of an outdoor wedding?


  1. Location. If you’re not worried about the legal part of the wedding, you can have a ceremony literally anywhere. Up a tree, on a lake, even skydiving.
  2. Ambience. An outdoor wedding tends to be a bit freer and more relaxed than a more traditional wedding.
  3. Scenic views. Many couples choose to get married outside because they love the outdoors and the mountains, countryside or sea views that go with that.
  4. Availability. Outdoor wedding and unusual venues are increasing in popularity, but they still aren’t mainstream. This means you’re more likely to get the dates you want.
  5. Unique. Without the constraints of a traditional wedding venue, you can create a day that is truly memorable for you, your partner and your guests.


  1. Legal. Many outdoor venues are not licensed for wedding ceremonies. This means you have to do the actual legal part of getting married somewhere else. Although, it looks like this old-fashioned restriction may change.
  2. Access and parking. The top of a mountain may be the perfect spot for nuptials, but how do you get there? Is there somewhere for your guests to park their cars?
  3. Cost of amenities. Outside does not always mean cheap. Add on the cost of a marquee, generators and a toilet block and the cost rockets.
  4. Accommodation. If all your guests are campers an outdoor wedding may be perfect for you. Otherwise, you need to think about where guests will stay and how they will travel from there to the venue.
  5. Weather. British weather is unpredictable and can go from bright sunshine to pouring down in an instant.

Outdoor Wedding and Luxury Glamping

Located in the stunning Shropshire countryside, Barnutopia is out of the way but easily accessible by road and has ample parking. The wedding barns, two kitchens, glamping village of yurts, cabins, stable, bunkhouse and bathroom block are beautiful and functional. All units have real beds, power, lighting, heating and free Wi-Fi. If the sun shines, there are several perfect spots for an outdoor wedding. If it rains, there are three barns licensed for wedding ceremonies. Our assisted DIY venue packages are excellent value.

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The Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Wedding