Winter Wedding Dresses for Your Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Dresses for Your Winter Wedding

Winter wedding dresses can be every bit as chic and elegant as dresses worn during any other season. But you have to pay attention to fabrics and designs. You’ll inevitably be outside, even if only for a bit. And churches can be chilly year-round, but especially during December, January and … Read more

Rural Wedding Ideas

Rural wedding ideas sunflower wedding arch

Lots of brides are on the lookout for rural wedding ideas. After all, according to Bridal Guide magazine, “Barn weddings have never been more popular.” And you can see why. A good farm wedding venue delivers: A uniquely chilled environment that takes the edge off your big day’s inevitable stresses … Read more

Gay Wedding Cake: Have Yours and Eat It

Gay Wedding Cake: Have Yours and Eat It

If judges were made to eat a slice of every gay wedding cake they had to rule on, obesity would be a bigger issue in our courts. Cakes have bizarrely taken a central role in the culture war over same-sex marriage. The Law’s Still on Your Side To be clear, … Read more

The Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding aisle from hay bales

Couples who want a fully outdoor wedding might fancy a field, but there are lots of other quirky venues to consider. Wedding venues that have access to the outdoors include country houses, barns, some hotels, gardens, stately homes, golf courses and sporting venues. What are the pros and cons of … Read more

Full of the Joys of a Spring Wedding

Spring wedding at Barnutopia

Why wait for summer? A spring wedding brings all the freshness and newness of the season. And it lets your imagination run wild with ideas for flowers, wedding outfits and themes. Pic courtesy of Nicola Streader Photography taken at Barnutopia in May 2018. Start your Marriage with a Fresh Spring Wedding Most … Read more

2020 Valentine’s Day Wedding or Party Package for up to 60 Guests

Valentine's Day wedding or party

It’s hard to imagine anything more romantic than a Valentine’s Day wedding. Take a look at the fabulous wedding/party package we have put together for Valentine’s Day or near dates. Our Valentine’s Day wedding or party package includes exclusive use of the venue, barns, facilities, luxury heated glamping accommodation, venue … Read more

Sources of Inspiration for a Rustic Wedding Theme

Rustic wedding theme ideas

The rustic wedding theme is here to stay. Why? Because it is lovely and guests are enchanted. You can dress it up or down, but a typical rustic wedding errs on the side of being more relaxed. You don’t have to worry about everything being perfect. We have seen some … Read more

Gay Marriage, Weddings and Celebrations at Barnutopia

Gay marriage at Barnutopia

Gay marriage has been possible in Britain since 29 March 2014. Civil partnerships have been possible since March 2004. We had our first gay wedding at Barnutopia in June 2018. Currently, the next is booked for August 2019, but we have availability between now and then. It feels awkward to … Read more

15 Awesome Ideas for Barn Wedding Decorations

Barn wedding decorations blush pink

The fun of planning your own barn wedding decorations is one of the hall-marks of a DIY wedding. Since getting our licence for marriage ceremonies in the summer of 2017, we have seem some amazing transformations in our long event barn. If you’d like even more inspiration, please register for … Read more

100 Wedding Styles Found on Google

Wedding styles inspiration

Are you looking for wedding styles inspiration? I wondered what were the most written-about wedding styled online and conducted a little search engine experiment to see how many results are returned for a Google search on different kinds of weddings. Turns out there are millions and millions of articles, lists, ideas … Read more