Quirky weddings are gaining popularity. Quirky weddings are more funWith good reason. They’re different, fun and ensure you’ll have a day that’s remembered by all. But can they be too quirky?

When your grandmother got married, almost all weddings followed the same cookie-cutter concept. Budgets were an issue then, as they are now, but just about everyone aspired to a celebration that followed the same format, perhaps based on the latest royal wedding.

How the times have changed. Today, many happy couples want something unique that reflects their own likes, tastes and personalities. Quirky weddings are in.

What Makes Quirky Weddings Quirky?

Bridal website Country House Wedding Venues listed 34 quirky ideas for weddings. It included serving a palate cleanser at the reception between the first and main courses. Your grandmother wouldn’t think this odd at all.

How about getting a vendor or two in to provide street food instead of the traditional sit-down menu or buffet? We have had wood-fired pizza vans, hog roast tents, burger and chips popups, ice-cream carts, horse-trailer mobile bars and VW cocktail campers.

Another website, Offbeat Bride, offered its own mixture of good and bad ideas. Having tambourines instead of bouquets and a kazoo accompaniment for your first dance could be fun. However, unless you’re a history buff, you may be less keen on its idea of a theme based on Winston Churchill.

A Star Wars theme, on the other hand, is quite de rigueur. May the petit fours be with you at your reception.

Can Quirky Weddings Get Too Quirky?

Can quirky weddings go too far? Maybe. Sometimes. It’s fine to get married in Hells Angels leathers if the other guests are members of your chapter. But you risk Great Aunt Maude politely declining if it’s out of her comfort zone. Or she could surprise you and turn up on a Harley.

It’s your wedding, but if you want your guests to remember your day in a good way, you might want to rein in themes and ideas that stray from quirky into kooky.

Alternatively, you could just have different guests. In 2017, grandparents Jeff and Sue Adams wanted a naturist wedding, according to the Daily Mirror.  But all the members of their families turned down their invitations to celebrate in the nude. So the couple headed off to a naturist reserve and wed in front of like-minded strangers. And why not?

Here at Barnutopia, all our quirky weddings have been totally AWESOME. We love helping our brides and grooms create a wedding that’s as distinctive and unique as they are. But we do expect them to keep their clothes on, for the ceremony at least.😉 We wouldn’t want anything to frighten our horses.

Quirky weddings: Just don't frighten our horses!

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Quirky Weddings: Awesome or Awful?