Lots of brides are on the lookout for rural wedding ideas.Rural wedding ideas sunflower wedding arch After all, according to Bridal Guide magazine, “Barn weddings have never been more popular.”

And you can see why. A good farm wedding venue delivers:

  • A uniquely chilled environment that takes the edge off your big day’s inevitable stresses
  • A truly beautiful and natural backdrop for your photographs — and memories
  • A barn for your reception that provides a blank canvas for your theme and decorative ideas — More so than most function rooms
  • Fresh inspirations for your theme — From colours, through flowers to the dress itself

Rural Wedding Ideas — Colours

If you marry in an urban setting, the colour palette may be uninspiring. But a rural setting provides a whole kaleidoscope of possibilities.

And that changes with each season. In spring, you might choose a verdant green or something inspired by that season’s flowers: hyacinth blue, perhaps. Or peach fuchsia, or … well, the only limit is your imagination.  Summer, autumn and winter each brings its own, different inspirations.

Carry your chosen colour palette through everything. And that includes the invitations and outfits, as well as the flowers, fabrics and decorations at your reception. You can even use edible flowers on your cake.

Rural Wedding Ideas — Themes

Your colour palette may flow from your theme or your theme may flow from your palette. Either way, a barn wedding can accommodate your ideas more easily than many other venues. Check out the dimensions and floor plans of Barnutopia’s barn.

You may think of a rural wedding as most appropriate for a rustic theme. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Those work fabulously well in a barn.

But don’t feel constrained by that. Remember that blank canvas we talked about earlier? It means you can have pretty much any theme you want.

Lemon yellow and sunflowers barn decorations

Burgundy and white barn decorations

Barn wedding decorations blush pink

Rural Wedding Ideas — Photography

When you wed in spectacularly gorgeous countryside, your memories will last forever. But photographs are lovely reminders.

Talk to Mrs. B about the natural backdrops many brides and grooms have chosen before. And feel free to explore the farm to choose your own.

Love horses? Ours will happily be extras in your shoot.

Padron, our Friesian horse, getting some love in the pasture, 5th July, 2016

And our pigs are world-class photobombers.

If you’re still stuck for rural wedding ideas, chat with Mrs. B. Just email her at mrsb@barnutopia.com.

Rural Wedding Ideas