Scavenger Hunt on Foot in the Shropshire and Powys Countryside

Following a request from a hen group we created a scavenger hunt Scavenger hunt at Barnutopiathat takes guests on a lovely countryside walk around Barnutopia and Llansilin village. Groups may split into three teams to add an element of competition.

The scavenger hunt takes one to two hours depending on how competitive teams are. There are challenges along the way that result in great videos and pics to remember the occasion.

Scavenger Hunt Rules

  1. Follow your set of clues and complete them in order or the directions may not make sense.
  2. Each team may have different clues or the same clues in a different order, so following each other won’t work.
  3. Destinations are located on, around and within the area shown on the maps. Some of the pics on the map are red herrings.
  4. You may need to walk across fields on public footpaths or go into public areas, but you are not required to go on private property.
  5. Teams get points for:
    1. Each destination identified correctly
    2. Bonus activities listed on the clues
    3. Being first back
  6. The winner is the team with the most points.

Feedback has been very positive and groups have loved the scavenger hunt and exploring the countryside around Barnutopia.

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