Fox_20150928 (800x533)
Taken at Barnutopia September 28, 2015

The wandering fox comes over the hill.
If you want to see him, stand very still.
Mrs B’s two horses are up there grazing.
They don’t seem to mind, that he is intruding.
They know he won’t hurt them, and he wanders at will.

Mrs B comes running, ready to shoot.
Hope she’s remembered to put on her boots.
Her camara is ready, she’s not using a gun.
Lots of photos, when she is all done.
The fox doesn’t really seem to give a hoot.

High above Barnutopia, he is now in the wood.
Hunting up there is bound to be good.
Rabbits or mice, which will he choose.
If he manages to catch one, he can snooze.
His belly is empty, he really needs some food.

At last he has found what he’s been hunting for.
The crows high above are starting to caw.
The farmer is happy that the fox had now gone.
His animals are safe, no need for the gun.
Mrs B has lots of photos that she can now store.

The Wandering Fox