Unusual wedding gifts - Buy a gift glamping or venue hire

What makes unique wedding gifts … well, unique? Technically, the word unique means “the only one of its kind, unlike anything else”.

However, that may be too high a bar for most wedding guests. And, certainly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with picking something from the happy couple’s own wish list of gifts. Doing so comes with the distinct advantage of knowing your present is something the recipients actually want.

But there can be real joy in giving and receiving something unique. Make a thoughtful choice and your gift could still be being treasured decades later.

Unique Wedding Gifts That Aren’t Unique

When Brides magazine published 50 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas That Fit All of Your Guests’ Budgets, it included an Amazon Echo and a Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker. In a similar exercise, Cosmopolitan suggested gift cards for Nando’s and Netflix. Trouva’s Ultimate Wedding Guest Guide includes a section on finding a unique wedding gift featuring a cocktail set, marble chopping board, cake stand and homeware pieces.

Those are all great ideas for presents, but are they as unique as you would like?

Unique Wedding Gifts That Really Are Unique

Perhaps sticking to the strict definition of unique is not necessary. How about these for gifts that, while perhaps not unique, are certainly unusual:

  1. A piece of original art (painting, sculpture, print, photograph).
  2. Something you make yourself (scrapbook, soft furnishing, recording).
  3. An experience (hot air balloon ride, bungee jumping, glamping).
  4. An antique (family heirloom, collector’s piece, historic record of the same day 100 years ago).
  5. Planting a tree in their name (at the wedding venue or in their garden).
  6. A personalised item (jewellery, ornament, memento).

Ensuring Your Gift is Well Received

A big risk with unique wedding gifts may arise if your tastes are wildly different from the happy couple’s. One person’s breathtakingly beautiful can be another’s gut-wrenchingly ghastly.

Even if you don’t want to get something on their wedding list, perhaps the safest route is to explain your idea upfront and send them a photo of your gift before you buy it. You’ll lose the element of surprise, but wedding gifts traditionally are a way for brides and grooms to receive items they want or need and will love and cherish for a long time.

One final idea could be to pay for the wedding venue. Our assisted DIY wedding package allows for a completely unique wedding and has received 5-star reviews across the board from happy couples.

Unique Wedding Gifts: Wonderful or Weird?