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Non-traditional venues, unusual weddings and unique themes are growing in popularity. If odd and quirky weddings and venues catch your eye when browsing bridal and wedding magazines, maybe you should think about taking the plunge to make your big day unique.

The Where and What of Unusual Weddings

There are lots of factors that can either alone or together ensure your wedding is one of a kind.

Barnutopia has all the bases covered. Located in the stunning Shropshire countryside with views in every direction, the main event barn was used from 1915 at an army camp, then relocated in the 1970s to Tanycoed Farm and used as a cattle barn. Finally, it was converted into a wedding venue in 2017. Guest accommodation includes yurts, cabins, a bunkhouse and a stable, and you can personalise the theme, ceremony, vows and catering any way you like.

  1. A quirky location or place
  2. The accommodation
  3. A unique theme
  4. An alternative ceremony
  5. Personalised vows
  6. Non-traditional catering

Unusual Weddings and the Law

At the time of writing, the Law Commission is considering lifting restrictions on outdoor weddings. For now, there are still some legal restrictions on how you can wed in England and Wales. Venues have to be licensed for marriage ceremonies and the actual legal part of the ceremony has to be held under a structure with a roof. Most registrars are happy to conduct a ceremony outside and then nip inside or under the cover of the licensed structure to take a few minutes signing the register.

Unusual Wedding Venues Around the World

Until that law changes, you’ll have to travel abroad for a fully outdoor wedding ceremony. Or to Scotland, which already allows them.

When Hello magazine looked at quirky wedding opportunities around the world, it came up with five:

  1. In a hot air balloon 400 feet above Walt Disney World
  2. Down an abandoned mine outside the El Dorado ghost town in Nevada
  3. On a roller coaster at the New York New York hotel in Las Vegas
  4. In a cave under a hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia — with a glass floor looking down at the ocean
  5. At the Barca stadium in Barcelona

If you prefer your quirkiness closer to home, check our assisted DIY venue hire packages and get in touch.

What Makes Unusual Weddings and Venues Unique?