Buy and Sell Used Horse Tack and Clothing

Used horse tack sale at Barnutopia

TACK SALE POSTPONED until 13-15 Nov 2020. In response to government recommendations relating to limiting the spread of Coronavirus, we have made the difficult decision to POSTPONE the tack sale.

It is likely that the sale would not be as well attended as it might have been as a direct result of the virus. Postponing gives us a better chance of ensuring it is a success.

Over the next few days I will be reaching out to everyone in every way I can. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.

We will not be cancelling booked and paid-for weddings and events unless there is a government directive to do so. However, we feel we should be acting in the best interests of our paying guests by taking these measures.

Buy and Sell Used Horse Tack and Clothing Sale at:

Barnutopia, Tanycoed Farm, Llansilin, near Oswestry, Shropshire SY10 9BS


Weekend of 20-22 Mar 2020 (Fri-Sun).

Please register here to buy or sell used horse tack or clothing.

Seeking CO-HOST ORGANISATION (must be a registered charity). Get in touch if your organisation could provide volunteers and benefit from the tack sale.

Please email and we will send a flyer for you to print and put up at your stable or horse club.

Please complete the registration form if you are interested in BUYING or SELLING used horse tack or clothing. If you could also indicate that you’re going (or interested) on our Facebook event, that would be fantastic.


Barnutopia, Tanycoed Farm, Llansilin, near Oswestry in our long event barn. Image above courtesy of Silver Knolls Spurs club annual tack sale at the Reno Livestock Events Center (because we haven’t had a tack sale at Barnutopia, yet)

Tack sale

How Does the Tack Sale Work?

The tack sale can be successful ONLY if we have lots of sellers and buyers. You can sell and buy tack as you wish.

  1. SELLERS drop off their tack at the sale barn from 2 pm on Friday and up to 12 noon on Sunday.
  2. Tack is logged and priced as the seller wishes. Seller to pay a 20% selling fee (see below).
  3. BUYERS come from 10-6 pm Saturday and 10-4 pm Sunday to browse and buy tack. Cash only.
  4. Tack is grouped on different tables/areas (e.g. bridles on one, girths on another, saddles on a long rack).
  5. No helmets unless brand new with labels still attached.
  6. Tea, coffee, drinks and snacks available for purchase
  7. Collect unsold tack from 2 pm Sunday.
  8. Uncollected tack will be disposed of or donated.

Selling Fee

Also known as the consignment or agency fee, this is 20% of the sale price. The fee is split between the host (Barnutopia) and the volunteer organisation. For example, if a bridle sold for £25, the seller gets £20.00 and £5.00 (20%) is split between the host venue and volunteer organisation. Payouts to sellers are usually within 2 weeks of the sale.

Used Horse Tack Sale Experience

We lived in the USA for 10 years. Every February the local horse club held a tack sale and raised thousands of dollars for the club. I bought some AMAZING tack at low prices and sold tack that I no longer needed.

The tack sales we visited in the USA were fantastic for everyone; the seller, the club, the event arena and the buyer. It’s hard selling used tack because everyone wants to see it, feel it and compare it to other similar pieces. Being able to bring second-hand tack from hundreds of sellers together was a brilliant way of doing just that.

Please let us know you’re interested

Register here.

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