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A quick wedding is a wedding planned in under 12 months. Or perhaps under 6 months. Or 3 months. Or even a month. Providing you have enough time to sort out the legalities, any timeframe is possible. If you want a quick wedding in under a year, here’s a 20-point wedding checklist to help you plan.

1. Create a quick wedding checklist

Whether it is typed in Word, Excel or hand-written on the back of an envelope, a checklist ensures nothing gets forgotten. Use our 20-point checklist to get started.

2. Commit to being flexible

The shorter the time-frame, the more flexible you have to be when deciding on the date, venue and suppliers.

3. Agree on a budget

The best way to ensure you don’t spend more than you can afford is to create a budget. Try our free Excel budget-planner template.

4. Find a venue and decide on the date

If your heart is set on a particular venue, check the available dates. If you want a certain date, find a venue with that date available. Choose a venue with a comprehensive package to save planning time. A package with catering is even better.

5. Give notice in your area and book the registrar for your quick wedding

In England or Wales, you and your partner must give notice at the register office(s) closest to where you live at least 29 days before your ceremony. Then book a registrar to get married in a civil ceremony at a register office or any venue approved by the local council. If you want to use a celebrant at your venue, book your celebrant.

6. Create guest list and send invitations

With the venue and date confirmed, you know your maximum headcount. Send invitations and highlight the RSVP date. Electronic invitations save time and expense when planning a quick wedding and it is easier to send reminders.

7. Buy wedding rings

Look at wedding rings as soon as you can in case they have to be ordered-in or re-sized. If you cannot find what you want, buy cheap prop rings for the day and save the fun of buying your real wedding rings for later, after your wedding.

8. Book the essential vendors

Find or ask your venue to recommend vendors or provide services (usually at additional financial cost but saving a lot of time). Pay the deposits to confirm. Essential vendors may include hair, makeup, caterer(s), photographer, videographer, band/DJ, florist, venue bar, mobile bar and wedding cake.

9. Find accommodation

Check if any accommodation is included with your venue hire package and decide who will stay. Ask your venue for other local accommodation providers and see if you can get any discount for a block booking.

10. Shop for wedding dress/attire

Wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, groomswear and other special wedding attire may need to be ordered and/or fitted. Don’t leave it until the last minute. Remember you can get great second-hand deals on dresses.

11. Book or buy any additional vendors or items

If your budget allows for extras, think about transportation, sweet cart, other entertainment, gifts and favours for wedding party and guests, DIY decoration items. Don’t forget to ask your venue for suggestions and what they provide.

12. Decide on your wedding party

Who is going to be in your wedding party? Parents, step-parents, bridesmaids, maid of honour, chief bridesmaid, flower girls, pageboys, best man, best woman, best people, your dog? We have even had a horse at Barnutopia.

13. Update your guest list

Harangue late responders for an RSVP. You need to know how many guests are coming so you can plan the final details of your wedding.

14. Finalise the catering

Let your venue/caterer(s) know the real final headcount. Be as accurate as possible. For meals charged per head, check the latest date you can confirm numbers so you don’t end up paying for meals you don’t eat. Don’t forget to confirm any dietary requirements, particularly serious allergies.

15. Book your honeymoon

This can sometimes get left off a wedding checklist when planning a quick wedding. Even if you don’t want to leave for your dream honeymoon immediately after your wedding, think about tacking on a few days at your venue or taking a short break somewhere else to prolong the enjoyment for a few days.

16. Confirm details and pay any balances due

Go through the details for your venue, all suppliers and wedding party to make sure nothing has been forgotten. Pay any balances due so you aren’t being chased in the final run-up to your day.

17. Make table and seating plan

Decide on table numbers, names or other theme and plan who you will seat together. Think about how you’re going to inform your guests which table they’re on. Will you have a chalk board, easel, other display, free seating?

18. Write speeches and toasts

Even if you decide not to have formal speeches, you will almost certainly do or say something. You’ll feel less nervous if you plan ahead and know what you want to say. If you don’t want speeches, there are plenty of alternatives.

19. Decorate venue or supervise venue dressing

Decorate the day before if you can to save stress on the day. Have a plan and stick to it. Delegate to trusted friends and family so it doesn’t all fall on you. If you have hired a venue dresser and/or a wedding coordinator, trust them to do their jobs.

20. Enjoy your wedding day

Remember that as long as you, your partner, the registrar and two witnesses turn up, you WILL get married. Don’t worry about the details. No-one will notice if the chair sashes aren’t the right shade of pink or the paper napkins don’t quite match the centrepieces. Savour every moment and spend as much of it as possible with your partner. It is a day that you should both remember as one of the best in your lives.

Anything to add to our quick wedding checklist?

If we have forgotten anything, please let us know so we can add to this list. See also Barnutopia’s assisted DIY venue hire possibilities and our micro wedding package for up to 30 guests with the option to add or reduce headcount. For a quote please email or complete our enquiry form.

20-Point Checklist for a Quick Wedding