Many couples are jumping on the wedding hashtag Wedding Hashtagbandwagon (or should that be limo?) but,

  • What IS a wedding hashtag?
  • Where do you get one?
  • Why would you want one?

The wedding hashtag

A hashtag is a word or phrase (without the spaces) preceded with a hash mark, #. Typically, a wedding hashtag is a combination of the couples’ names, nicknames, last names, maybe the wedding date or year or something about the venue.

  • #HappilyEverBoydon
  • #SKBigDay
  • #KS2018
  • #SteveHeartsKat
  • #SKBarnutopia2018

Choosing your wedding hashtag

You can come up with a hashtag yourself or you can use one of the many wedding hashtag generators for inspiration (for example, WeddingHashtagWall, Pastbook, WeddingMix). The hashtag is a way of marking images and content on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and more) so that you can search for them later. Ideally, your hashtag should be unique, memorable and easy to type

Make sure your wedding hashtag is easy to remember with no complicated spelling. Use capital letters at the beginning of words to make it easier to read. Keep it short so it’s not a burden to type.

The wrong hashtag can be almost the same as having no hashtag. #MatchMadeInHeaven is a lovely hashtag, but it is used to tag millions of pics for all sorts of reasons. Your pics would get lost in the stream. Always check your hashtag by searching for it on Instagram and Twitter before you start using it. If it’s a popular tag already, think of another.

Why have a wedding hashtag?

It’s a way of creating an online record with contributions from all your family and friends. Whether they write a message or post an image or a video, as long as it’s tagged with your wedding hashtag, you can find and view it later. You can set rules if you want to. Some couples start tagging pics and content well before the wedding. Others want to focus on the wedding day. Although, it may be a good idea to have some parts of your wedding day “unplugged“.

The best way to establish the tag is to start using it yourself and ask others to use the same tag. If you don’t ask them to, they’ll invent their own. Put your hashtag on your invitations, menu, seating plan, place card or a cute sign. It’s fun and it really works, as long as everyone knows and uses the tag.

You’ll be glad you said “I do” to the wedding hashtag.

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Should you say “I do” to the Wedding Hashtag?