Wedding arch at Barnutopia

A wedding arch is a beautiful addition to a wedding. Typically, the arch is decorated in flowers, vines and light fabric in the wedding colours. But other than as a purely decorative feature, is there any other point?

A quick search reveals that an arbor is closer to what most folks mean when they refer to a ceremony arch. Usually, a permanent garden arbor incorporates a tunnel-like passage of climbing plants on a lattice. It is often in the shape of an arch.

Pergolas are also designed to support climbing plants, but are more room-like with corner posts and an open roof that nevertheless provides shade for a path or a deck.

A chuppah is a canopy under which Jewish couples stand during their ceremony. This is a cloth, sheet or prayer shawl held up by attendants or supported by poles. It symbolises the home the couple will build together.

A Mandap is used in Hindu and Jain ceremonies. The four pillars represent the parents on both sides and their toil in bringing up the couple.

Almost any outdoor structure may be used as a backdrop for wedding ceremonies and if your venue has one already, you’re in luck. If not, you could think about creating and decorating your own.

Why use a Wedding Arch?

Aside from being an alternative to an altar, an arch is a beautiful addition to an outdoor wedding. Couples can enjoy decorating the arch together as part of their wedding preparations. Or they can bestow the honour on someone else important in the wedding party.

Wedding Arches of Barnutopia

Barnutopia has a wooden garden arch included in exclusive venue hire for 20-120 guests. It has been used by many of our couples for their ceremonies. For wedding arch inspiration, see how our brides and grooms have dressed our arch or their own.

What’s in a Wedding Arch?