What’s the point of DIY wedding venues? DIY wedding venuesPerhaps the most obvious benefit is that they typically take a much smaller chunk of your budget.

DIY Wedding Venues Provide Flexibility

Even if money isn’t a major consideration, DIY venues typically deliver superior flexibility. Many offer “blank slate” rooms (or barns) that you can decorate as you wish. Some allow you to bring your alcohol with no corkage. Others include accommodation in the package. All those are included in Barnutopia’s assisted DIY venue hire package.

DIY wedding venues allow you to create your very own unique experience. And you can choose to spend your money on things that make you happy. For example, you might decide to spend your savings on extending the party. You could provide accommodation for your closest family and friends over several days. So-called wedding staycations are hot, according to Guardian writer, Rachel Holms, who planned her own DIY wedding.

Rein In Your Wedding Costs

How much might your wedding cost? You won’t learn much from the media.

In February 2018, the Daily Mail quoted a survey from Debenhams Personal Finance. It reckoned the average wedding in the UK cost £18,500. Just five months later, the Evening Standard put the same figure at £30,355, citing a study by Bridebook.co.uk. Either inflation’s way worse than we thought or such surveys are not directly comparable. The Bridebook survey figure indicates the most you could expect if you used all the supplier options. The complete opposite of DIY, in fact.

Regardless, weddings of all kinds get expensive fast if you don’t keep an eye on your budget. If you want to stay within budget and out of debt, DIY wedding venues can help you rein in costs. After all, the point of a DIY wedding is that you provide and do a lot of it yourself.

DIY Weddings Can Be Frugal but Fabulous

Saving money needn’t mean your wedding day won’t be everything you want it to be. Daily Mirror journalist Julia Rampen wrote an article under the headline, “My DIY wedding saved me thousands: The secrets to a special day on a budget“.

Barnutopia’s venue package includes exclusive hire, licensed wedding barns, banqueting tables, chairs, cloths and covers, accommodation in luxury glamping units and a lot more besides. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your special day.

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Why Include DIY Wedding Venues on Your Shortlist?