Winter wedding dresses Winter wedding dresses and coatscan be every bit as chic and elegant as dresses worn during any other season.

But you have to pay attention to fabrics and designs. You’ll inevitably be outside, even if only for a bit. And churches can be chilly year-round, but especially during December, January and February. So you want something that will stop you shivering during the ceremony and when you’re entering and exiting the church and reception venue. A beautiful coat or cape could be the answer.

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Winter Wedding Dresses and the Weather

If you’re lucky enough to have snow or a clear, sunny day, you’ll probably want your main photo shoot outdoors. Both snow and clear winter light make unbeatable backdrops for wedding photos.

And, then, you’ll value the ability of modern winter wedding dresses to take the edge off the cold.

Don’t underestimate your chances of some winter sun. In February 2018, Shropshire, where Barnutopia is located, had 138 hours of sunshine, according to World Weather Online.

That averages out at nearly five hours a day, though some days will have had none while others will have seen constant sun.

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What Makes Winter Wedding Dresses Special?

Winter brides who avoid suitable warm winter wedding dresses may end up with freezing shoulders and arms. There’s no point in pretending the gossamer-thin fabrics most designers use are going to keep you toasty warm. But it’s amazing how effective even a flimsy covering can be at keeping out the worst of the cold.

And, of course, the heavier the lace you choose for your shoulders and sleeves, the warmer you’ll stay. The same goes for your core body. Many winter wedding dresses use warmer duchess satins.


If covering your arms and shoulders doesn’t appeal, you might want to follow a trend that’s hot in America and growing in popularity here. That involves pairing your dress with a faux-fur stole, wrap or jacket.

Meanwhile, long gloves can bring extra elegance to many outfits — in an Audrey Hepburn sort of way. And they’re certainly a great way of keeping at least two of your extremities warm.

Of course, if you opt for these accessories, you have to bear them in mind when choosing from the range of winter wedding dresses available. You want them to add elegance rather than detract from your overall look.

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Winter Wedding Dresses for Your Winter Wedding