wedding donkeys Andi and Sassy ~ Barnutopia

Andi and Sassy came to live at Barnutopia in autumn 2019. They have yet to be wedding donkeys, but love the attention they receive from guests. They are happy to stand and be groomed, petted and given treats.

It seems that having donkeys at your wedding is already a thing in the USA. Photo opportunities abound, and donkeys can even serve the drinks.

Barnutopia Wedding Donkeys

Available from 2020 for weddings and events. Guests are welcome to meet and interact with the donkeys at any time, of course. Couples who would like the donkeys to participate in their wedding can do so for a charge, which includes:

  • Donkey handlers
  • Donkeys groomed and decorated with flowers and ribbons in your wedding colours
  • Minimum 2-hour interaction and photoshoot opportunity (including during ceremony, if desired)
  • £200.00 inc VAT
  • Does NOT include photography; although, if we take pics, we are happy to share.

Donkey Wellbeing

Mrs B attended a Donkey Sanctuary training day in anticipation of adopting two donkeys. As it turns out, a friend in Llansilin gave her donkeys to Barnutopia, but the training was very useful. Our priority is always the physical and mental well-being of our donkeys.

  • Donkeys need companionship and should be kept in pairs at minimum
  • They become overweight very easily and thrive on a high fibre diet with restricted grazing.
  • Donkeys do not have oil in the coats and must have access to a shelter 24/7
  • Any kind of “work” (attention from guests, paddock toys, grooming, photoshoots) is helpful as part of an enrichment program for their mental and physical well-being

Include Andi and Sassy in your wedding

If you love the idea of having Andi and Sassy take part in your wedding or event, please get in touch. Mrs B will be happy to discuss ways you can be sure to have that memorable “wedding with the donkeys”.

Wedding Donkeys